[NBA] Griffin injury: need to do knee surgery cut part of the organization will be truce 3-6 weeks

December 20th reports: yesterday revealed that the Clippers all star striker Griffin will undergo knee surgery, and today, the Clippers officially announced the news. Griffin will undergo arthroscopic surgery on the right knee, he will therefore truce 3-6 weeks. According to the team revealed that Griffin is the right knee surgery to remove some of the loose organization, on the weekend because of his knee pain and was a game, but the other time he has been in combat with this pain. The Clippers coach Rivers Griffin said that the injury is not before the game against the warriors in the wounded. He described the injury more or exhaustion caused by. Griffin had a knee injury history, in his rookie season because of his left knee injury and missed the entire season, he did in 2010 January at the time of surgery. On the season he injured his right hand, the reason is a fight in the equipment management and the team off in January, another four head muscle strain, he also sidelined for several months, but in the playoffs he injured again, ahead of the end of last season. This season is Griffin’s seventh season in the NBA campaign, he played in the 26 game, averaging the battle for 33.7 minutes, contributing to the points, 8.8 rebounds, and 4.7 assists. The Clippers for several core, this season is a crucial season, if there is no success, such as the title or enter the finals, the Clippers are likely to face collapse next summer. Author: Qiao Tete