[NBA] hero! Than yombo into Toronto promotion factors X

In the just concluded a playoff round battle to grab 7, raptors play at home to 116-89 by a wide margin to win the game’s victory, the victory also let the Canadian team create a record in team history. This is their first reached the division finals. Experience and past record and the apparent lack of raptors reason to qualify, and backcourt Lori and DeMar Derozan state have warmed relations, and the fans should not be overlooked is their backup center billon Bo. In the two main center Varin Jonas and Whiteside “under the circumstances”, Bo billon become the this series of the X factor. If scanned billon Bo, the former three games entries record, we will found he did not originally within the Raptors coach Casey, at least did not want to reuse. These three games, Bi Yongbo played a total of only 37 minutes, and the number of shots actually hung 0. But Mr Varin Yunus due to injury was unable to play after, Bo billon ushered in the his chance, he was promoted to the starting center position. Can appear all of a sudden describe on the G4 billon Bo on the pitch, the game he 6 cast 4 in, on 13 points at the same time also grabbed 13 rebounds and dished out the two blocks, can be described as sense of being full, but the Raptors overtime still lost, which makes the amount of gold Bi Yongbo is not so high. While the G5, Bi Yongbo will his field more on a floor, in the game, he scored 10 points and 6 rebounds, although the data do not beautiful, but in Miami’s basket continuous staged arrogant dunks and send the 4 blocks, let the Raptors played the momentum. And Miami, in order to be in the basket limit Bo billon, coach Spoelstra has used the mcroberts and Amare Stoudemire, even does not hesitate to Luol Deng guest center but in the face of youthful billon Bo powerless. G6 billon Bo rising momentum slowed, the game he got only a 4 points, but the rebound is still 13, raptors to lose. But to decide the series G7, billom Bo has become the key to winning the raptors. In the G7 Lori reduced personal attack, but the brain team still maintained a good three breakup and breakthrough success rate, but after the break, in the face of the basket fill – up players, Lori always select the ball. Billon Bo become the beneficiaries of this play, especially in the middle of the third quarter, Lori continuous two times after the break will over to the Bi Yongbo ball, and billon Bo no mercy, he first is resulting in a defensive foul, and afterwards received Lori pass hands after pouring basket hit into 2 + 1. Throughout the G7, Bo billon only shot 8 times get 17 points (create the career record for highest score), and also grabbed 16 rebounds and dished out two blocks, it can be said, Bo billon is ringing the Miami heat inside MEN RUNNING SHOES NIKE AIR MAX 1 ULTRA MOIRE 316 NEW ARRIVAL After being eliminated from the tournament, the team should be lament: we lose in less of a “Bi Yongbo”. Author: Zhao Buchuan