[NBA\] Kobe gave KD advice: do not forget the Oklahoma City fans

NBA finals of the season is about to start, in the next time, the Jinzhou warriors and the Cleveland Knights of the duel will attract the eyes of the world’s fans. But outside the stadium, in the summer of offseason, another thing will also affect the hearts of many fans, that is, Durant’s whereabouts, stay in Oklahoma City or to a can let him start the team? Earlier, reports said Durant once said that the decision to him the fate of the two factors is, “side to have a great man and found myself in a great basketball environment.” Obviously, Durant give oneself leave leeway to Oklahoma City, Durant said he will small circle around him to listen, but if he would like to ask a also has faced the selection on the free agent market of NBA superstar, then Bryant will give him provided for help. In a talk show, Kobe gives this advice. “Yes, I mean, you should be aware of the matter from a global perspective, and all will want to have some different opportunities. Even when I became a free agent, I did everything I could to see every opportunity and I tried everything to think about it. Of course, in the end I was lucky enough to stay in Losangeles, but before making a decision, think about every opportunity and make the right decisions for myself. I hope he (Adu) can keep his fan base in Oklahoma City, so much LASTEST PUMA BMW SHOES BROWN/SILVER/WHITE ” Stick to Los Angeles, the achievements of the five crown of Kobe’s career, but Durant than Kobe Bryant, he will how to choose fans still need to wait. The Spurs? Warrior? The Lakers? Or the left behind thunder, it seems that these are not bad choices. Author: Zhao Buchuan