[NBA] Paul thumbs up to the bottom of Weiss’s ass to kick the chair over the back

January 17th: the NBA regular season, the Clippers home court against the thunder, the Clippers main Chris Paul finger injury. In the second quarter with 2 minutes and 56 seconds, Paul was replaced HOT NEW BALANCE 580 MEN BLUE GREEN His mood is very unstable, angrily kick the bench chair, then at the side of the mouth while walking back to the locker room, also with a finger on the field. It is because in a process of playing Weiss, Paul hit Weiss buttocks. According to the latest news, Paul sprained his left thumb, he will not return to the game. Fortunately, after X ray he did not fracture, and the injured hand was not injured in the playoffs last season, but he still needs to be examined by MRI.