[NBA] official strength list: Warriors return to the top spurs rockets followed by Knight fourth

January 17th: the NBA regular season continues, the official website announced the latest list of the strength of the team, the Jinzhou warriors feel back straight back to the strength of the top of the league, the Sanantonio spurs and Houston rockets all down one, they ranked two or three. Cleveland fell to fourth, suffered 10 defeats Broolyn at the bottom of the list to the nets. Last week, the most eye-catching team: Raptors (3 – 0) – on Wednesday to catch up from behind beat the Celtics after the Raptors hit the nets and the Nicks team, they play against the Atlantic district team 8 wins and 0 losses, in addition to the East against the Cavaliers team 16 wins and 2 losses. Last week the worst team: the Lakers (0 – 4) – the Lakers lost 4 games, including two always behind the game, home court still lost to the Blazers and pistons, the two teams are ailing team. This week ranked the largest increase in the team: Portland (+4), warriors, Minnesota, 76 people and Wizards (+3) this week ranked the largest decline: the Lakers team (-6), Nicks (-4), (-3) 1 bulls warriors 34 wins and 6 losses (4) in parentheses is the ranking below last week. The knight team and the warriors again battle full of surprise. In the first 35 games, for the use of curry and Durant roll with the Braves averaged only 2.6 times, and Cleveland Christmas did not used in a war. In the last 5 games, they have used the game for the first time in the past 7 games, with a total of about 1.35 points per round. The Cavaliers have had some success in limiting Curitiba, but Durant in the pick and roll will make the change. According to statistics, at least the team picks the warriors still in the League (39 per game). 2 spurs 31 wins and 9 losses (1) spurs in decline over the past 7 matches and lost 3, but 4 wins by a total of 113 points, three defeat lost a total of 7 points, Ginobili and Green each missed a three ball, the team lost to the Bucks last week and the sun team. The Spurs lost defensive efficiency first position, they let the Bucks have 52% shooting, let the Suns two attack 28 points. On Sunday they will face the defending champions for the first time (fifth). 3 rockets 32 wins and 11 losses (2) the Rockets offense became more reliant on three pointers. Last month (17 games), they had a shot of 49.5% points, with an increase of about 43.7% in the previous year, up from three. But they recently broke up three sense is not very stable, the team suffered a season for the first time in the two game losing streak, and Minnesota and Memphis per round only 102 points. Cappella is expected to return this week, Wednesday in Miami after the game, the Rockets will be the 5 consecutive game winning more than 50% teams, they want revenge warriors Saturday. 4 Knight 29 wins and 10 losses (3) the Cavaliers after 6 games per round of attack of the landslide, only 99 points, three points hit rate is only 30%, 44% goals from assists. On Saturday they broke out in Sacramento, Lebron 15 assists, hit the first 4 Korver joined the new team’s three pointers (after the transaction before 6 three point shots did not enter). However, perhaps the most important is Schubert into the starting lineup, which made their debut in less than 19 minutes to get 49 points. 5 Raptors 27 wins and 13 losses (6) critical moment on Wednesday with the Celtics in the game, Paterson was injured when the Raptors sent Lori, Joseph, Jonas, Carol and Vallance Deluozan lineup, after this lineup played only 1 minutes. They use 21-4 wave of attacks over the eastern second battle, Jonas Vallance had 2 important key blocks, grab rebounds, three victories last week the team, he averaged only 26.7 minutes from the 14.7 points and 16.3 rebounds. His three match 19 offensive rebounds in only 7 of their bad shots after scraping to. 6 the Celtics 25 wins and 15 losses (5) the Celtics played a beautiful day in fourth against the Washington Wizards, in Atlanta by Thomas winner lucky win. Last month their 12 wins and 3 losses, the last 5 minutes of the match gap within 5 points, they have the League maximum 18 wins. But in Wednesday’s loss to the Raptors, they record in 6 teams against their 0 wins and 8 losses, the game of their fourth day defense becomes a problem. In the home court 6 wins and 6 losses after the start, the Celtics in the TD garden has 6 wins, 118 points per round, the next 11 games will have 9 home court. 7 clippers 28 wins and 14 losses (7) the Clippers in 2017 is the only unbeaten team, they have the best defense in the NBA in 2017. In order to get rid of the hamstring injury comeback in 4 games, Paul averaged 17.8 points and 12.3 assists, 25 LASTEST NEW BALANCE 574 2016 WOMEN CYAN 5 points in his presence clippers per round the margin of victory. The race will become more severe, home court Tuesday against the thunder team, travel to Denver on Sunday, a difficult schedule that will open their 11 and 10 road. But this Wednesday will be Griffin underwent knee surgery after fourth weeks, he is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. Jazz 8 26 wins and 16 losses (9) self defense Jazz Festival’s top 5, but in the face of the defending champion Cavaliers before their last 7 games against the league’s top 10 offensive team lost 113 points per round. Last Wednesday they had only 92 points for the Cavaliers, only about 36%. Then easily beat the pistons, with the magic when the fourth quarter hit 13-0 attack wave to ensure victory. When Hill and Hayward played together, they were 11 wins and 1 losses. But the hood right knee injury, and his good form, after a three ball 8 throw in 7 scored a season high 27 points. 9 thunder 25 wins and 17 losses (10) thunder January games most of the team, they won two games before, in the first 4 games fast break points ahead 94-28. Kanter saw increased playing time in 4 games, averaging 22.3 points and 11 rebounds, defensive team did not let the injured. In fact, Kanter played 120 minutes, the team round per 100 points less than 95 points, and the thunder team lineup in 47 minutes is a net negative 28 points, when Kanter replaced Sabonis and their first mate, 26 minutes to win by 17 points. The season when Kanter is around the team scoring 15 points, when he played at least 24 minutes, the team 11 wins and 2 losses. The 10 bears 25 wins and 18 losses (8) against the Grizzlies warriors and rockets to 4 wins and 0 losses (4 games per round of 113 points), thanks to Allen get 22 points, the team in Houston played the second half counterattack. Against the West team, the Grizzlies 17 wins and 8 losses (Western infighting when they have the best defense), in Monday’s loss to the bulls, they play against Eastern Conference teams only 8 wins and 10 losses. Daniels finally feel cool, Butler at the end of the game scoring victory. Ranked eleventh to thirtieth teams are: hawks, bucks, wizards, bulls, Pacers, Hornets, blazers, kings, pistons, pelican, Denver, Nicks, Orlando, Minnesota, a team of 76 people, Dallas, sun the team, the Lakers, Miami and nets. Author: Evan