[NBA] Paul sent 12 assists a milepost comeback only 5 shots he willing to green

January 7th: the NBA regular season continues, the Clippers away to the king, the final 106-98 to win the game. The core of the Clippers back Paul, though he sent 12 assists, but only 5 shots, scored 14 points. Paul was 32 years old, this season he minor injuries stop playing, the data also dropped significantly. Currently averaging 17.7 points and 9.9 assists, compared to the peak, he also missed a grade. At the end of the season, Paul and Griffin have to face the possibility of re signing. This is a result of the Clippers must, so Paul also faces the most important period for career. The Clippers 5 game losing streak, mainly the absence of Griffin. Paul comeback after the general effect, after the bench and missed 3 games. The Paul once again return to the starting line-up, while the opposite is his substitute Collison after the king’s backcourt is not strong, Paul might have a chance to kill kill. However, Paul obviously convergence, in the first 7 minutes of the time, he had only one shot, the first quarter of 0 points, 1 rebounds and 2 assists, it does not look like the first point guard skills. In the second quarter lead time bench hit, Paul was 3 for 3 with 7 points, especially in the sign of the distance jump stop, still feel. But the third quarter as well as the line, Paul only 6 minutes to send a second aid, no shot, no rebound. During this period of time was also king Glenealy 7 points almost comeback. The fourth section Paul finally stood up, he kept fighting area foul, and for his teammates sent second pass. Once the key as if the return of a single 8 penalty of 7, but only a shot of the 1. But also sent 6 assists, Spec, who became the beneficiaries of Moute, while the final moments of the steady free throws, also make the game victory firmly in hand. The Paul 14 points and 6 rebounds, 12 assists, 12 assists, his total assists 7982 times, surpassing Strickland, has become the history of the tenth, but only 5 shots, really some abnormal. Before the occupation career Paul shot only 6 to 5 times, of which 5 is for only played less than 24 minutes, the 31 minutes only 5 shots is the longest in these appearances. Why in the absence of Griffin is still not enough to score? Who do not know the reason, Paul’s passing ability is still in a critical moment or a big heart, but as a core guard top pay, 14 points and 12 assists and he can not explain the full. The Clippers to go further, still need to rely on Paul’s ability to attack and act as a go-between, he would have been very good KORTING 2018 JORDAN HYDRO 12 SLIDE SANDALS WHITE FRENCH BLUE Author: Li more