[NBA] can’t stop! Weiss bang 32+13+12 battle hero ball offering domineering shrug

December 6th: the thunder today against the Hawks, race is Wesbrook can not continue to cut out three pairs of data, and sure enough, he did it in the third quarter, the audience dropped 32 points and 13 rebounds and 12 assists, the final 102-99 victory over the thunder. Recently, the good momentum of the thunder, 5 game winning streak, while Wesbrook has been three games during the double, Jordan performance is par. Today face the situation in the doldrums of the eagle, Wesbrook is clearly confident enough. The first section of the game he was not their first attack, but the convergence of his aggression, to focus on the protection for the team to send the ball rebounds and, soon, Wesbrook and Adams with a few wonderful OOP dunks, playing the home court fans are a little temper No 2017 KIDS AIR JORDAN 12 ALL WHITE GOLD SUPER DEALS HZ3D2T Throughout the first section, Wesbrook himself only 2 shots, did not hit, only rely on free throws to get 1 points. Not only that, in the first half of the game, Wesbrook was not in the attack end how much, 7 for only 1, only 5 points, but other data is very hot, grabbed 7 rebounds, and 8 assists, today most likely is a double three. In the second half, Wesbrook significantly strengthened the sense of personal attack, the offensive in the continuous cut points. At the same time, he steals remains sharp, he soon finished off the ball back, this time he hit the ground to a teammate, relaxed and get assists. At present, Wesbrook has completed three pairs of data, he is also the 6 consecutive games to do this performance, in the history of NBA, this is only fourth people. This is the three time this season, Wesbrook eleventh pairs of individuals, and today before the season, the entire NBA played a total of three pairs of data is only 11 times. It is important that, under the leadership of Wesbrook, the thunder played a strong offensive in the second half, leading opponents in the score, but also expanded to the two digit points difference, the chance to win 6 consecutive victories. The eagle paratelum chase points, Wesbrook is also to strengthen the body against, directly to the Korver knocked to the ground. After Wesbrook opens the hero ball, buried in his own breakthrough, first a strong 2+1 difficulty score, followed by the breakthrough, top scored Korver, and the difference is expanded to 9 points! Completion of these performances, Wesbrook also proud of the audience shrug. However, after Wesbrook appeared brain heat behavior, throw three points outside the perimeter, the ball did not, gave the eagles the opportunity to. Fortunately, the eagles did not finish the attack, the thunder took away the victory. Author: Qiao Tete