[NBA] old Walton: love the style of the warriors and the team culture look forward to their G6 win

According to ESPN reports, before the start of the sixth war in the finals, the Jinzhou warriors assistant coach Walton – Bill’s father Walton Luke is in Losangeles. He is visiting the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Old Walton is immersed in the eSports games, and his son also hope to the identity of the assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors won the second championship. Walton said: “I have been to all the home games, I was very sure that they will win the championship in five games. But I’m sure they can win tonight. For Luke, that is the best. I love the warriors, Stephen curry is who I love. And I also like the team’s style of play and team culture. They reflect the great movement. I’m really proud that Luke could be part of the team.” In the finals, the old Walton has been watching the game in Oakland PUMA FUTURE CAT FERRARI MISTYROSE GOLD SHOES MEN FOR SALE If the two sides have robbed the seven war, he will definitely visit the scene to support his son. However, old Walton did not want to have to rush to the seven war. He said he would like to see his son in front of the TV to get the life of the fourth NBA Championship (Luke as a player, but also to win the championship two times). Old Walton said: “tonight I will watch the game in Losangeles and my family, and we all hope that the warriors can win.” When old Walton walk in the Expo site, many people have recognized him and came to him for photo and signature. Walton Luke is on the way to the Losangeles Lakers as head coach after the end of the finals. Expected the Lakers held a press conference next week formally introduced Walton’s office. Little Walton spent most of his time in the Losangeles Lakers play, with the bass family and Kobe and other super stars have a very good relationship. Little Walton also with the Lakers two times to get the NBA championship, he has a deep feelings for this team. Old Walton had previously said he hoped his son not to go to the Lakers when the coach, and should continue to stay in the warriors to learn. But ultimately Walton decided to go to the Lakers, and the old Walton for his son’s decision is still supported. Old Walton said: “it’s really an incredible opportunity. We all come from southern California, and we all love the Lakers. Luke will not find a better job than the Lakers coach. I am the world’s most proud and lucky father.” Author: Hu Hu