[NBA] Russell put Rhetoric: the Lakers this season into the playoffs next season in the finals

December 17th: this season, the Lakers were different from the previous season’s style, their record looks obvious progress has been made, and Russell also released rhetoric, hope the Lakers into the playoffs next season finals. “I don’t want to record the past again, do not want to defeats, I don’t want to play on a losing team, no chemical reaction between teammates, but I think the Lakers now, whether the team or club, or good, everyone wants to become a member of the MENS PUMA FUTURE CAT GT FERRARI BLACK RED 格安特別 Everybody wants to be a Laker, there is a lot of pressure, and some people can control, some of them are not,” said Russell. “And I’ve always been that kind of, how to say, is to challenge the pressure of people. I want to personally participate in team events. In the process, to participate in all of this. I have witnessed the lowest point of the season, I want to be one of our playoffs this season, next season, is a member of the finals.” Although recently the Lakers fell, losing streak, but their performance this season really make people sit up and take notice, the gap currently 10 wins they ranked eighth from Western pioneer 18 and only 3.5 wins, there is indeed a chance in the playoffs. The Lakers have missed the playoffs in the last 3 seasons. However, if you want to enter the finals, I’m afraid it is not so simple. The last time the Lakers entered the finals was 2010, when Kobe and Gasol. The Lakers are still in the reconstruction period, most of the core in the squad is not more than 3 seasons in the League playoffs to young players, the strength and experience of the stage, although everything is possible, but a short time to the Lakers in the playoffs over the warriors, the Spurs of rivals such as it is difficult. Author: Qiao Tete