[NBA] key 2 warriors killed 150 million ball makes not scoring as long as the winning play Conley

January 7th: the Grizzlies win 128-119 overtime victory over the warriors to avoid 3 game losing streak, Mike Conley played 41 minutes, 19 for 27 points and 4 rebounds, 12 assists and 1 steals in 10, this is not a dazzling statistics, with his $150 million contract is almost the biggest meaning, in the game a lot of commentary worth with Conley ridicule, but this game is the most in the Grizzlies trailed by 24 points counter attack, this is the most exciting wave may reverse climax in recent seasons, Conley scored two goals in the very valuable. The first ball is the conventional time hit the last 20 seconds, Durant missed three points, Daniels rebounds, the Grizzlies 109-111 behind, need someone to stand up before the Grizzlies are playing inside, Randolph, little Gasol wants to play on the hammer, the success rate, continue to give the ball to the Twin Towers is a good choice. But back in the game, no Conley got the ball to the inside of the meaning, he chose to play the ball himself. A goal is scored on Conley also 7 minutes 26 seconds before the end of three hits, he has been a long time without scoring, not even shot. Is it wise to stand up and take responsibility at this time? Start from the top of the arc Conley dribble breakthrough, he wanted to go to the left side of the basket to kill, who knows the moving foot suddenly shot, he did not hesitate to pull up a jump shot, the ball crashed into the net as a grizzly. The warriors last attack in curry and Allen Conley double defense under the ultra far three points in overtime to Memphis or Randolph and little Gasol continue to abuse baskets. Although the warriors take these two people have no way, but they can still hit the score through a constant outside line. Fight to overtime 1 minutes and 13 seconds from the end of three, Green hit the key points, the warriors only 119-122 behind, as long as the guard next round has a chance to tie. Randolph energy has reached its limit, Gasol had not shot, can bear another Conley, him for 55.1 seconds again distance shooting, will be opened to the poor 5. 1 minutes, 5 points, the momentum completely in this side of Memphis, curry layup after the warriors completely collapsed. The distal critical moment to extra time, Conley hit the two ball, but the other two balls a save Memphis, a completely killed the warrior REEBOK ZIG FUEL MENS WHITE GREEN BLACK ONLINE A review of the audience, Conley also sent 12 assists, to be good at sharing the ball for the Warriors also 23 assists, so now to recall the beginning of the problem, the league’s 150 million Grizzlies to Conley high paying, worth it? Author: John