[NBA] beauty reporter points out: leave Las really for the Lakers system feel strange?

October 25th: Yi Jianlian ultimately failed to stay with the Lakers, although this does not mean that he has identified will leave NBA, but in the Lakers training camp is worth the aftertaste fans these days. Obviously, Yi Jianlian’s performance and the fans have a great contrast to his expectations. Looking back at the Olympic Games, Chinese team battle the American team, although the final China team with 62-119 big score lost the game, but Yi Jianlian in the game, scored 25 points, in the face of the American team’s defense, Yi Jianlian can let him play the characteristics of everything that is a Chinese player in the face of the U.S. team when the highest individual scoring record. Most of the fans for Yi Jianlian’s confidence comes from the game, but to NBA, the first season with the Lakers before the game to give the fans poured a pot of cold water, Yi Jianlian played only 3 minutes in garbage time 1 shots in 0 only grabbed 2 rebounds. After that, Yi Jianlian did not have a big improvement in the Lakers’ performance, until he had to be cut off. What makes Yi Jianlian so failed to return to NBA? Is it just little Walton’s mistrust? Is it simply because he won’t get enough chances? The training camp in the open before the Lakers team with the famous beauty reporter Serena Winters’s tweets are set on the Internet, she wrote at the time: “just chatted with Yi Jianlian small, the main information received from him is that he feels the team system is very new for him now, I gave him some advice.” Of course, there are fans forwarded this tweet, and said: the Lakers system for all people, are unfamiliar.” Now looking back, perhaps Winters’s tweets in Yi Wencai can not adapt to the key to the lakers. You know Walton last season or the warriors’ chief assistant, and the warriors in the last two or three seasons in the NBA arena set off a tactical revolution, three ball said curry changed the game, rather than the warriors a tactical revolution changed NBA PUMA BY RIHANNA SUEDE CREEPERS BLACK GREY BURGUNDY 2017 NEW SUPER DEALS This tactical revolution for us ordinary fans, we can only see the game better, look better, but for the players on the pitch, they want to make the change might have too much that we are not aware of, such as the reading of the game, and some other details. In the past few seasons, Yi has been “sung” in the CBA, for the NBA change maybe he really can only feel a strange and uncomfortable, perhaps this is due to make Yi with the Lakers the misfits. But the good news is that although not able to stay with the Lakers, but there are still other NBA teams on the Arab Israeli alliance expressed interest, such as the nets, in short, in the NBA will still be the most fans want to see. Author: Zhao Buchuan


[NBA] Ho: the hostility that had previously been a non harmonious team mate has influenced my performance.

October 23rd: for the team, the new season will be the new trust: General Manager Sean – Marx, the new coach Kenny Atkinson, of course, as the point guard Jeremy Lin joined the team. Recently, Jeremy Lin was interviewed by Newsday, said the nets and Nicks in different periods. Q: can you describe how excited it is to lead the team as a point guard? Lin: I am very excited, I feel that for this opportunity to wait for a very long time. I really want to play well and enjoy the game. Because I really regret not having been able to make good use of my time in the early stages of my career, I didn’t enjoy it, because I was always concerned about the next thing. Q: did you always try to prove yourself? Lin: Yes, I always try to prove myself, always want to play a higher level of competition. I’m too worried about everyone’s ideas, and now, I want to reduce the external information, remove those I feel useless information. Q: coach Atkinson said, from the dual point guard to play point guard, you have to change the mentality. Can you do this and continue to be aggressive? Lin: it’s definitely going to be different. I’m slowly changing now. I think I need some time. I’ll talk to Kenny about how he thinks of me. Because I am sure I want to play the game he wants me to show, he is also very clear that we have had a lot of communication, I do not worry, because the relationship between us is to say what you can. Q: how much value do you have when you and Kenny built up in Nicks? Lin: it means everything. That’s why I’m here. I think I have a chance to succeed, and help the team to achieve greater success, I trust him very much, I know what he said, I know he wants things, I think I met some mistakes early in his career with the coach is not such a relationship between. Q: can you compare their nets as players, and the Lakers and Nicks when the players feeling what is different? Lin: I don’t want to talk about the details or the names of the players. But I knew I had to be in the team some good relations between the team last season in Sherlock is a good example, I also in high school. The team closely team is often more successful, then I also in some relationship is not so good in the locker room before, will feel some tension or hostility. Q: does that affect your game or your mood of happiness? Lin: it will affect the game, but also the impact of happiness MEN’S AIR JORDAN XI RETRO AAA 251 DISCOUNT Will affect whether you want to work hard to play, the impact of the team culture, atmosphere and everything. Q: can you compare the nets and the pressure on Nicks? Lin: here in less pressure, because I can focus on my life and the game, I really care about God give me the standard, whether I’m in Losangeles, Detroit, Memphis, Manhattan or Broolyn, I don’t know how to treat me outside in the preseason, I only want God to be proud of me. I want to build a good relationship, I want to fight side by side with the people close to the friendship, this is what I want to do. Q: when you first came to New York, the story of your mate Fields sleeping on the sofa is very famous. What time did you sleep on the sofa? Lin: (laughing), to tell the truth, a few days before I slept my sofa, I forgot to say how many people can live in my home, the more people no place to sleep, so I feel shy, slept on the sofa. But my sofa is very good, so I have no effect on me.

[NBA] Zhou Libo gun the conviction behind NBA to pay the cost of life

Although Americans are not familiar with Zhou Libo, but Zhou Libo’s gun case or triggered a big discussion of Chinese people, especially it relates to the United States perplexing gun law, regardless of how the outcome of the trial, an undeniable fact is that the firearms act is still a sensitive topic in the United States, with even the stars in the NBA they are also increasingly unstable factors and the guns in contact, or even to pay the cost of life…… In September 2003, Jielun – Ross experienced a terrible accident, almost lost his life. When he was with the first ten million annual salary, was mixed in chicago. Like many athletes earn a lot of money, he came to Losangeles to go to night. But as he enjoyed, just want to leave the club when he was caught in a shooting incident. He heard nine gunshots, friends face even in a gun (later, he miraculously escape from death in a great catastrophe) completely unharmed, but scared. “It’s not what happens to a crime, it’s Brent, the rich area of Western Losangeles ()!” Ross shudder to say, “the group will follow me out of the nightclub, waiting to attack. I just know later that night at a nightclub, several people were killed in the target. Anyway, this thing even if I did not dare to go out, but also let me change their style of action.” Since twenty-first Century, there have been too many players involved in gun problems. In the Ross attack a year ago, Paul – Pearce is also in the field of fun times of tragedy, was stabbed 12 knife, but also his life is good, if the other party is holding the gun, if the thorn to the point of his life can not touch the championship. In the summer of 2010, Lorentzen – Wright shot shocked the entire NBA. He was attacked in his hometown of Memphis, once the alarm before death, the operator heard shots after the lost contact with him. And the bullets penetrated Wright’s head and chest, and the coroner said he was taken away in a matter of seconds. Until now, the death of Wright is still a mystery, but it is certain that he had a relationship with the local gangsters, and his death, only 89 of the murders in Memphis together. In May last year, only 23 year old Pelican guard Brice de Ji’an – Jones because when looking for a former girlfriend in Dallas went to the wrong room, was shot dead. He signed a three year contract with the pelican, life has just begun. From to praise derogatory “Gang” of last century play well-known star in the NBA, there are a lot of people who are not good. They come from the streets of the slums, from childhood to see gangsters, guns, drugs and bodies, is not involved in it is a miracle. Like Wright, when they become rich, often there will be a group of people surrounded him in a small circle, into a “gang”. These people or his brothers, or his small, tightly protect his interests. Wright on their own gang called “the Wright”, Iverson, Garnett, Lebron, and so on, such as the superstar, such as a small group of people around the group, such as the Stuff. But now the times are different. Lebron’s gang was called “Gang” by Mr Jackson – and the result was a “political mistake” that was drawn to the issue of race, which was a “political mistake” by Mr. But this is a specious writing. Hundreds of millions of players face the unknown threat is too much, they need to have a trust of their own gang, and in the gang, they need security. Last year, the warriors general manager Bob Mayes, a large number of security protection of special enrollment, Stephen curry daily travel. Whether or not the first line stars travel, or go abroad to do business activities, always accompanied by a large number of bodyguards around. Kobe with his family to go to a Disney, followed by a team. In the case of not only determined (for example, to go to Europe or the island resort), they may be “ordinary people”. Once upon a time, athletes were able to spend the night partying without worrying about being exposed to social media.” Ross said, “but now they have no way to protect the privacy of each message, every picture, every private letter may be exposed.” And these things have been exposed in a legitimate gun society, the risk factor will naturally be magnified. President of the United States can not control the gun culture is deeply rooted in society, according to 2011 statistics, 34% of U.S. adults have guns, and 47% of households have guns. That is a “natural rights” for a reason, because it is written into the second amendment (“the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”), which is the “national spirit”, more than a century has not changed. But on the other hand, gun violence has become a major public issue in American society. The most obvious example: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William Abramoff – – Mickinley, John – Kennedy four Presidents were shot dead; Ronald Reagan shot, but a new lease of life. In the past year, there has been a lot of shooting and the massacre of america. When society and system is torn in the farcical election, when the “legacy of 9 / 11” more and more serious, when the race, gender conflict and hatred intensified, high security guns there has become like a barrel. According to FBI data, in 2014 a total of 8124 Americans were shot. Last year the Orlando massacre, an attack killing 49 people. Xiao Hua, President of NBA in New York along with the headquarters of the staff together to fight for the interests of the LGBT group, to commemorate the dead. In fact, the problem of gun violence in the United States does have its anomaly. The chart below is a comparison of the average number of shooting cases per day, assuming that the population of western developed countries is comparable to that of the United states. In 2012, Obama in the election season has raised the issue of gun control (as in “Batman: The Dark Knight rises” during the exhibition, Colorado, a gunman dressed as a “clown” and stormed the theater opened fire), support the liberal media (such as “New York Times”) also began calling for gun control, but the government is still difficult to have a substantial as. In 2013, Connecticut and Connie primary school shootings occurred, Obama instructed the vice president Biden led the establishment of the “special committee” gun control, you want to make a breakthrough in the legislation. But the gun control bill failed to pass the Senate vote, Obama angrily said: This is a shameful day in washington.” In January 5th last year, Obama said in a speech at the White House, he will issue an executive order requiring more gun dealers to hold a license, and the implementation of the background investigation of more gun buyers. When it comes to frequent shootings, he was crying. But his approach has drawn a lot of opposition, the most resounding from the Republican Party and firearms association. The dispute between the two parties, the federal and state government, game of interest group lobbying and public opinion repeatedly so that the plan going aground – revisit cycle. Cultural foundation in 1990, Gallup (Gallup) reported that nearly 80% of people believe that gun management law should be more stringent”. By 2010, however, only 44% of Americans wanted stricter gun control laws, compared with an average of about $54%. Why don’t Americans support gun control? The scientists give various reasons, such as democratic politicians fear, such as TV news is “as long as there is bleeding to report on the headlines” let more people feel the need to use guns to protect themselves. More fundamentally, the habit of political history in the United States: the view of individual rights is always better than the call for social responsibility. This trend across the dividing line between the left and right, people tend to gun control together with social freedom. The growing individualism, the debate over rights over other moral and political views. Mcconnell, the leader of the Senate majority leader, has criticised Mr Obama’s gun control as a way to weaken the rights of Americans rather than fight terrorism. This is the United States, “conservative” who touched the spirit of the constitution, all exaggeration”. Obama is also in the end of term to come up with a tough attitude, still have been sprayed pour dog’s blood on. In addition, each state of the United States is not the same as the legal provisions of armed. For example, in most of the Texas gun license last year, has been the permit legislation to allow people with guns in public. This is the local people respect the history and tradition, like Beyonce in “Daddy Lessons” in Dezhou “to describe their father holding a Bible in one hand and a rifle”, this is the Dezhou men’s classic image. In New York, the purchase of the gun process is very troublesome, gun buyers must go to the store to fill out a 17 page permission form, to pay a $340 application fee, there is another $89.75 fingerprint record fee. Gun sales agency shall provide the original birth certificate, Bianca and 2 recent color photos and other files. Applicants who have lived in the United States for less than 7 years are required to submit a letter of recommendation of 2 characters. Age requirements: 21 years of age, and after the purchase of firearms must be completed within 72 hours of registration. Currently, only four states a total ban on public gun are New York, Florida, Illinois and South carolina. Moreover, different types of firearms for local restrictions, registration has different requirements, the legal provisions of innumerable cumbersome procedures, it is no wonder that people often fall into illegal armed scandals, such as the recent arrests of Zhou Libo. In NBA, the players also fancy “die”, even Bill Russell in 2013 because of illegal gun was arrested at Seattle Airport, and the most famous, is undoubtedly the “general” in Gilbert Arenas. He should have no registered license gun into the Wizards arena, also put a gun to his teammates, not only in violation of the provisions of NBA, also violated the Washington State law. And the innocent victim of American cultural identity of people at most areas are relatively loose control. Citizens have the right to protect themselves, but the right has “collateral damage.””. Like poor Jones, he did not break into the criminal’s house at the time, when the master (it is Dezhou) sleeping at night someone to break the door, he also did not want to self-defence ADIDAS YEEZY 550 BOOST PRICE CHEAP ONLINE WWW SHOES Jones’s family, later did not initiate proceedings. In this tragedy, has been under It is often seen. during peaceful times. Edwards, an American psychologist, says that the physical threat faced by today’s professional athletes is unprecedented. “Because of the social network and the proliferation of firearms, the more famous athletes are more likely to attract attention. Compared to 60s, there are so many people now that almost every family is armed to the teeth.” He said. Jones’s tragedy is that he did not have enough awareness of prevention; and the shooting of Ross, he simply can not control, can only rely on the increase of security personnel as a means of prevention. The NBA as a “white left” alliance, has been standing anti gun position. In 2015, the alliance in the Christmas War of public service advertising is anti gun violence,

[NBA] Paul exposes Adu’s move to advice: This is a great opportunity for your career

Recently, clippers guard Chris Paul is in Chicago to participate in charitable activities. This summer, the Clippers had active pursuit of Kevin Durant, but the two sides met after Adu finally did not choose to join. Paul himself will be in the next year became a free agent, the Clippers. The big three years, but it has always been difficult to in the playoffs get satisfactory results, Paul future has become the by the media and fans talking about the topic. And in an interview with the United States today, Paul revealed that he and Durant had a telephone conversation. His choice of Durant in the free market, perhaps to explain his own future considerations MEN’S NIKE SHOX NZ CARPENTERWORM SHOES WHITE/BLACK/OFFWHITE/SILVER CHEAP TO BUY “This is a free market, you know, the player has the right to make a choice according to his own will.” He said, “I remember I told KD, man, this is the number of your career can choose the team’s great opportunity, you can choose to live in their own city, you want to play for the team. Enjoy the process.” Finally, Durant chose the warriors, but Paul did not complain, even if the Clippers want more difficult to overstep the enemy. “This is his choice, and I’m happy for him.” Paul’s good friend Wade Dwayne also changed his club this summer, Paul only said: “we all went to places where they want to go, I feel happy for them. This is their decision, I have nothing to be angry about.” Last season, because Paul and Griffin injured at the same time, the Clippers strength hit, was in the first round of the Blazers eliminated, there is no opportunity to grips with warriors. Paul just smiled and said: “we have to find a way to deal with the warriors in the 2016-17 season.”.” Author: Kewell

[NBA] Jeanne buss apologized to Lakers fans: I have waited too long for this decision

February 22nd: the Losangeles Lakers officially announced, the team fired chief operating officer Jim Buss and general manager Kupchak as the “magician” Johnson appointed as club president of basketball operations. Jeanne Buss, who heads the Lakers, said it was a tough decision to sack his brother, Jim, and to make the decision to wait too long to apologize to Lakers fans. In fact, Jim, the departure of Kupchak and the magician’s early warning. Earlier, the magician returned to the Lakers, and made it clear that he wanted to be in power. But no one expects the magician’s upper will occur at this time node. “This thing in my mind is like a long time, but when the decision clear once I have no reason to wait,” Jeanne said, “in today’s League offseason not at all, you should be ready to draft, the summer league and so on, so not much like today’s time.” It’s not an easy decision to sack Jim and Kupchak. Jim is Jeanne’s brother (and will continue to be one of the Lakers’ bosses), while Kupchak is loyal to the Lakers for years. For Jeanne, it’s not just business, it’s more emotion. “It was a very difficult decision,” Jeanne said ONLINE NIKE ZOOM KD 7 EXT DENIM BLUE “It’s been hard for me to wait too long. To this end, I would like to apologize to the Lakers fans. But now we have a clear direction of development, and the magician after the chat I also know that we have to change, so we make such a decision. I hope the management will show us the direction of the Lakers’ basketball, but they are not satisfactory.” The magician said in an interview that the Lakers had no involvement in Cousins’s decision during the all star weekend. In addition, he also avoided whether he would like to trade with Ingram Cousins and other topics. The magician said he was in contact with the league’s 5 general manager. The magician also spoke about the deal with veteran Williams, who said the other teams would have to pay a big price to get a deal with Williams. The magician praised the Lakers marshal Walton and young core team, he said he is willing to build a team around this core. The magician said: “we have the right coach and a lot of great young people, we can build teams around them and help them grow into all stars. First of all, we should train our young people. Second, we have to pick out more good young players. Finally, we have to understand that all the teams are chasing superstars, not just the lakers.” The magician said: “when Jeanne asked me to return to the Lakers, I thought the timing was right. I put my business aside, and the decision to focus on the Lakers was right. I want to build a team that is proud of both the pitch and the management.” Author: Saar tiger

[NBA] dangerous! Green and then receive 2 technical offence is suspended

In today’s Western Conference champion and thunder G5, Green also received a technical foul, which is his personal fifth technical foul in the playoffs. Green is started in the third quarter of the 1 minute will receive the technical foul, when Durant and his defense green have physical contact, Durant investment 3 points and draw fouls, referee immediately whistling, blowing green foul, Durant three free throws. To the green very dissatisfied, he did not control their emotions directly waved the arms to protest, regardless of his mouth there is no speak, this action has been relatively large enough the referee blows directly a technical foul. That’s Green’s fifth. Prior to Green has said he wants to control and referee the game in the playoffs, do not do any unnecessary expression, in order to avoid technical foul. Looks like he’s not in control. In accordance with the provisions of the NBA, in the playoffs, when a player’s technical fouls accumulated to 7 times, he will automatically suspended for one game. Before the start of this series, Green back 4 technical foul, he had said it would not let the problem become a problem for the team. Now he appears again the technical foul has very limited space, if he doesn’t want to ban if he could get a. Today, Green contributed 11 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists PANDORA LETTER O PENDANT CHARM SILVER FOR SALE Of course, all of this is based on the premise of the champion of this season can continue to carry on. Although today the home they beat the thunder, on both sides of the big score pull into the 2-3, but then G6 to to Oklahoma City, the series warrior is not here to win the game, and lost two matches are 20 + points defeat, this series can not back to Auckland is hard to say. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] exposure Bosh or will be forced to accept medical retirement

May 16th reported: according to ESPN reports, the last time, in the Toronto all star, the heat once again found that Bosh’s physical problems will cause the season to be reimbursed. This time or in Toronto, Miami grab war seven lost to the Raptors regret out, their season ended, and between them and the bosh and have to deal with. From now until the fall of this period, the heat and Bosh need to make a decision on each other’s future. Everyone must face Bosh eventually forced to accept the “medical retirement” outcome. The so-called “medical retired,” is to 2017 on February 10 (distance bosh one play a year after Chris Bosh or don’t play, in accordance with relevant provisions of the alliance, the Miami heat can combine with the players union application specified by the alliance of doctors to on Bosh’s condition diagnosis, if doctors eventually confirmed the bosh body has been unable to allow him to continue his career, bosh can choose “medical retired, so Chris Bosh can also get all the salaries of the remaining contract, and Chris Bosh salary also will not be counted in the salary cap for the Miami Heat. Bosh and the heat of the contract between the remaining three years 75 million U.S. dollars, he can get all the money. According to the relevant policies, the heat can get some compensation, but for them, they certainly want to get a every night to maintain a healthy Bosh. Even if Bosh got a doctor’s license, you can return to the stadium. But his health problems still look like a huge crisis that can erupt at any time. In the Miami heat lost to the Raptors, coach Spoelstra said: “I for bosh felt deeply sorry, because I know the game for him how important it is.” Spoehr Stella did not talk about the future of Bosh, but his pessimism has shown the seriousness of the problem. Heat in order to find Bosh in the inside of the replacement, they may have to spend up to forty million of the salary space MENS AIR JORDAN 11 LOW “GEORGETOWN” FOR SALE CHRISTMAS DEALS For example, they are currently the most pressing is to keep the team’s main center Whiteside – Hassan. There is no doubt that Bosh wants to continue playing, and the heat is also hoping he will be able to return to health. Heat earlier and Bosh also issued a joint statement: the heat, Bosh and the medical team has been working hard, hoping to let Bosh as soon as possible to return to the stadium.” But a cruel reality is that the heat has been for two consecutive seasons because of Bosh’s health problems can not go further. Bosh this season, a total of 53 games for the heat, the field can contribute 7.4 points and 19.1 rebounds. Since the all star weekend, Bosh has been in a state of injury. Previously, the heat has officially released a statement to announce Bosh reimbursement. Author: Hu Hu