[NBA] harden and less Du about rice recruitment campaign

The Houston Rockets this season is not ideal, although reached the playoffs but they early was the elimination of the Golden State Warriors. As a warning for the future Rockets team boss James harden decided to find a more powerful partner in this offseason. Recently, harden and his good friend appeared together in a small restaurant party, also have American friends in social media: and the two stars photo according to, provoked infinite guess. The Oklahoma City Thunder, led by Durant, was beaten by the warriors in the playoffs. As is known to all, Durant will be the biggest player in the free market this summer. Coalition hopes to pursue Durant’s team has more than two digits. Which includes Harden’s rockets. Harden had made it clear that he will try to recruit Durant. When accepting media to interview, harden said Durant is in my mind the most important free agent, he is not suitable for the Spurs, because they have the Leonard. And after a clear statement, Harden is also quickly launched an action. Recently, the two stars will go to a restaurant together to sell fried chicken muffin. Their presence, triggered a crowd of people, and they also took a photo with all the people. Harden grew up in Oklahoma City, he and Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook thunder three less “combination once headed into the NBA finals. Although the final regret lost to LeBron James of the Miami Heat, but this is the pinnacle of Durant and harden career. After leaving the thunder harden, they never be able to reach the finals. Personal relationship harden and Durant very good. Despite leaving the thunder they will often meet together to go out to eat and play. This relationship is obviously going to play a very important role in recruiting Durant. You know, when Wade on the use of themselves and LeBron James of friendship, and managed to persuade LeBron James left Cleveland Cavaliers who defected. Heat three giants have ruled the East for many years. Although many teams have expressed interest in Durant, but the real contact is not much. Now, in addition to Durant harden started recruiting by private relations. The Boston Celtics were in contact with the people around Durant AIR JORDAN 11 “SPACE JAMS” 2017 FOR SALE DISCOUNT ESZCY It is understood that Durant around and even out of the standard to join. And the Celtics are the current headed star Thomas – Isaiah has also made it clear that he is willing to do anything for Durant to join. Author: Hu Hu