[NBA] Jeremy Lin: injuries make me angry over eating potato chips while playing DotA

December 18th: after the nets outside the core of Jeremy Lin comeback has played two games, contributed 10 points and 7 assists and 17 points and 3 assists, hit rate is not less than 50%, can still play. This morning, Jeremy Lin published a lengthy blog in micro-blog, talk about their childhood injuries during that time and health now. The injured let him depressed, he was eating over concerns the way, really unexpected. Book Howe first mentioned, thigh tendon injury at the beginning, he was very angry. Because he feels the team is going to find a way to make each other better, after experiencing growing pains, “our team began to find the team play, and play features, each player’s biggest.” In the critical period of running the team, as the main force guard for him only because of injury sidelined, bad mood is understandable. He also revealed that he has a habit: when very angry will indulge to eat, so injured that night after dinner, I play DotA2, while eating sweets and crisps.” After the injury, Jeremy has not been idle, he often guest assistant coach role — from the sidelines and jumped out to a more “I focus on record very clear-sighted, attack our data, I want to know which method is most effective, who and who with the best.” Book Howe believes that he is in a different and more humble way to contribute to the team. However, as a player, this situation is very difficult for him, because my heart is like burning general want to play, many times I feel their own frustration, frustration and frustration.” At this time, his courage and soul suffered serious setbacks. He is aware of his anger and impatience from fear, fear of the healing process goes awry, not afraid of things according to a predetermined direction, “I’m afraid I can’t recover a little earlier back on the court, I afraid to disappoint others.” It is not difficult to see from the book Hao’s words, his sensitivity and many Chinese people. In addition still depressed, as a devout Christian Jeremy will be the mood in various God, “his plan is perfect, everything in his hands, my body is in him to me in the situation, his plan will be completed.” He felt that he was going through a huge change, “I felt more confident in God than wanting to control everything, every detail of rehabilitation, or the performance of the team.” After opening the key node, book Howe began to no longer angry, began to enjoy the moment, enjoy the rehabilitation process. To return to the court after Howe was very excited, though he was tortured to injury, but also let him learn. “The injury also taught me a lot about the team, I learned how to according to the characteristics of each team to motivate them, what areas need to strengthen our team, further from our system and the characteristics of each player to read the game, but also deeply for your own health and have the opportunity to become the occupation player and gratitude.” The book ho finally said. Author: Small Red Army