[NBA] double little brain! What is the holy of Donovan?

May 17th report: in his first playoff tour as NBA manager, Donovan – Greg even win Popovich Billy three games, and ultimately eliminated each other. Yes, in the West semi final first, the thunder lost to the San Antonio Spurs 32 points, at that time, many experts, journalists think, this round of the outcome of the game has been, the thunder the biggest disadvantage position is not on the floor, but on the sidelines. Donovan, who has just jumped into the coach from the University of NBA, in the face of Popovich wily impossible odds. But the results, Donovan timely adjustments to find their own death squads, to curb the foul A De, in the post ruling the Spurs, but also to make less rational and calm, but also in line with their own style. In fact, in the first two rounds of the playoffs, Donovan has PK off the current NBA means the worst two coach, first Carlisle, Gregg Popovich, and now that he is caught in a best coach Steve Cole, and in the first round of the push Donovan won again. Donovan in college ball had received the guidance of Marshal Rick Pitino, but his talent in the NBA level is not outstanding, his NBA career is very short. After leaving the union, he went to Wall Street as a stock broker, but also quite a failure. Later, he turned to consider college coach, so to find Pitino for advice. In 1989, Pitino was ready to leave Nicks to coach the University of Kentucky, he agreed to let Donovan as the team assistant FOR SALE CHEAP OAKLEY DART SUNGLASS BROWN FRAME BROWN LENS ONLINE Donovan this into the university basketball ring, in Kentucky as an assistant professor in 1994, Pitino recommended him to Marshall University as a coach, 28 years old, he has become the NCAA Division the youngest head coach. In 1996, Donovan quit to University of Florida, he successfully recruited a lot of players for the team, the team record is also getting better and better. In 2006, he led the team to get the first-ever NCAA championship, and defending in the second year, fame. In 2007, magic had invited him to take up the post of commander in chief, he had already made the decision to accept, but eventually reneges on a promise to stay in the big Buddha. He eventually in the Buddha has become NCAA Division 1 level in the history of the second young 500 wins coach, April 2015, he finally decided to in the NBA Chushan, become the new coach of thunder. It’s not an easy task to train two super stars in the league. Donovan in 2014 Summer had to Gregg Popovich for advice, he said Shuai wave is very generous, “he and I talked for a long time, also invited me to have dinner together.” Now in the playoffs, he has been enjoying the game, especially with Popovich wits. “You have to understand each round what happened, from para to substitution habits etc. details should be concerned, for me this with the regular season is completely different… But I really enjoy it.” More importantly, Durant is also very satisfied with the results of his work. “He makes us very united, who scored who got the ball is not important, he (Donovan) also do not claim credit for, do not care about these. He keeps us calm and relaxed, we just want to be an extension of his presence, that’s all we have. We are focused on him, he let us know what to do, we have made a very good response.” Thunder team reporter Royce Yang also feel: “Donovan really find the feeling, he responds in the game very quickly, also can make intelligent judgment, he at the end of the season in enhance the too much.” Author: Kewell