[NBA] 1 bad Gordon 1 Games to the Rockets Terry was digging paratelum disappeared.

January 24th: Beijing time on January 24th, the Rockets lost to the bucks in the 114-127 away, Eric – Gordon 8 for 3 in only 9 points in the fourth quarter was scoreless, the Rockets offense is very low, can not compete with the bucks. The outbreak of Gordon Rockets this season is to play an important cause of strong attack, perimeter excellent ability to let him become a good partner James harden, could help the team set off a wave flow. But in the last few games, Gordon’s state has gone up and down NEW BALANCE 574 2016 MEN GREEN LASTEST PZ6ZCM3 In the January 12th game against the Timberwolves, Gordon was sidelined because of a toe injury. In the previous game, he was able to get 17.8 points, hit a total of three points to reach 41.1%. However, after his comeback in the 7 game, he averaged 15 points, hit a low of three points to 31%. Gordon’s state of ups and downs, often associated with the performance of the rocket. In his comeback after 6 games, the game hit the doldrums, the Rockets lost, while the other three games he scored more than 20 of the time, the Rockets won a total of 68 points. In January 19th of 7 bucks, he dropped a record three points, the Rockets won 19 points, and in the subsequent warriors game, his three points 7 in 0, the Rockets lost 17 points. In the first half of today’s game, Gordon in the offensive side is not aggressive, the first shot only once, into a record far three points. Second before the half of the day he would walk outside the line, cast a three points, but did not enter. Wait for him to rest until the last 3 minutes and a half to play again, although also assists Anderson into the score of three points, but his own shot did not enter the two. The Rockets have always been opponents pressing play, Gordon that can not open a lot of pressure to harden. Fortunately, in the third quarter, he and harden the familiar rhythm, two times harden assists dropped into three points, just let the Rockets can bite the score. Harden ball siege, too many mistakes, the rhythm is still affected by the rocket. In fourth, Gordon was 39 year old Terry to burst, after he steals, let the fast break into three points, and helped the Rockets dug a hole. The last 2 minutes and 59 seconds, Gordon to play, this is the last chance to chase the Rockets, but harden failed to fill the pit, and Gordon in the final 43 seconds to three points are not anti chance. In the case of rocket Gordon misfiring, and lost the match by Kewell