[NBA] see the idol also polite? Only 12 points, Duncan eyebrows gaze he completely misfiring

December 19th: Beijing time on December 19th, the pelican’s 100-113 loss to give the Spurs, Anthony Davies scored 5 of 12 scored only 12 points in the first quarter, he scored 10 points, but then it is 7 in 1 to 2 points, playing completely disappear. Today spurs held a Jersey retirement ceremony for Duncan, home atmosphere is very strong. But the pelican did not retreat, but also is to press the opponent, the greatest power forward tribute. Davies in the last game against the Rockets failed to finish, because the left leg discomfort back game, but he is still starting today, and good condition. In the first round of attack, Davies assists Hilde into three points, although he has yet to hand, but also in 9 minutes and 07 seconds single anti Gasol layup capping the. And he once opened still very stable, continuously goes well under the basket, also scored the 21 foot jumper, quickly scored 7 points. In the section at the end of 2 minutes and 40 seconds, he was still strong 2+1 area. Davies first got 10 points, the Spurs also keep up with the rhythm NEW BALANCE 878 WOMEN RED GREEN DISCOUNT Wait until the second day, the pelican bench is counter ultra score, Davies after the game and gave Parke a big hat. But in the end, the Spurs to surrender and pledge allegiance opened to the poor 10, Davies failed to keep scoring rhythm in this section without a point. Wait until the start of the second half, Davies was hit in the distance, but he later in the area for five times by the blacksmith, veteran Ginobili cover, Pelican chase points difficult nature. Manu not only met Davies put three points in 2 minutes and 33 seconds also steals him, Davies was completely restricted, playing very uncomfortable. The opening momentum is good, but wait until the end of the third quarter, morale has been beaten to the Spurs all a hideous mess. Duncan began to sit on the sidelines watching from the third day, is to see the idol let Davies mood fluctuations? He cast 1 in the third quarter, the fourth section did not hit directly, I did not expect Duncan’s “eye defense” can limit him. The distal pelican was scored on the garbage time, when the game is no longer the outcome, but sitting on the sidelines of Duncan, the pelican is becoming more pure. No way, in such a special night, even Davies, only willing to green. Author: Kewell