[NBA]1 figure exposing warriors crazy way: play a season

The warriors and thunder G2 battle ended, the warriors home court won 118-91, the total score 1-1. So far this season, the warriors are still not losing streak. On a G1 battle, the warriors home to be the thunder reversed, losing the home advantage of this round of series. If we lose today, the situation will be very passive. However, the third day attack climax, warriors established the superiority, has remained to the end, once again rejected straight. This season, the warriors in the game after the loss will often show a strong strength. Before the game today, whenever a warrior after losing a war, averaged 121.3 points, shooting hit probability achieves 52%, three points hit rate reached 46% assists is 30.8 times. It’s pretty tough. In this data, the warriors without losing streak is not what strange things. After losing the game, the warriors followed by victory, and win opponents as 15 points. The game, the warriors scored 118 points, shooting 50.6%, three points hit rate of 46.4%, assists 26 times, and the average value of the above average. And they beat thunder 27 points, more than the average margin of victory of average performance of 15 points. So, as the warriors say the same, this is a moment in the fighting team, they will succeed in the face of adversity rebound, come back, to regain lost ground. For the thunder, while on the road to get 1 points is a good thing, they grab the home court advantage, but this series still have a long way to go. Author: Qiao Tete