[NBA] Lakers manager looks next season to play the ornamental

May 13th reported: this season, the Lakers made only 17 wins and 65 losses in the regular season record, which also created the worst performance in the team history. But the outside world for the purple army still has a high expectations. The team has a lot of young talented players, plus the June NBA draft and the July free agent market operation, people believe that they will make a difference in the future. Not long ago, the Lakers hired Luke Walton as the team coach, Byron Scott, and this part company each going his own way. Recently the team general manager Mitch Kupchak in an interview, talked about the related team talk about the future, he on the future of the Lakers to optimism, and expressed the wish that Zijin in season play with ornamental, it is seemed to be excited about the game. “Based on our last week in Auckland’s dialogue, he (Wharton) want as far as possible to play Golden State Warriors that style of basketball, he also believes that our team players can perform a good match.” Kupchak said, “it’s up to us now to continue to work on the team, to provide him with a better player, because we want to be better.” Kupchak is optimistic about the future of the Lakers, “our players will be better.” He said, “you just need to have a talent for the squad and I think we’ll get better.” At the same time, Kupchak understand, to Russell, Randall, Clarkson, nance and young players is the core of the team, only enhance individual ability is unable to let the whole team is better, this and not the team’s main goal, “offseason this summer’s primary goal is to enhance the talent level.” Kupchak said, “I hope that at some point in time, our team will be able to play exciting basketball, and in this case will be growing up NIKE KYRIE 2 GS SKATEBOARD DISCOUNT This change may not be every day, maybe in a week, as the season is going on, we will make some exciting moments, and have the hope of the future.” , of course, know the Lakers general manager, it is not an overnight thing. “Now our talent level is not enough to get a playoff spot.” Kupchak admits. “If we are lucky enough, we can bring some good players this summer,” he said. Maybe we can compete for a playoff seat, maybe we can even do better. But I really want the team to be able to play a game that is good enough for the fans to get excited about it and say, ‘you know, this team is getting better ” Kupchak continued. Author: Mu Zili