[NBA]8 error! Thunder king also occupied Zezheng?

Beijing time on May 19th, the thunder defeated to the warriors in the 91-118 away, the total score is level 1-1. Kevin Durant 18 voted 11 to 29 points, six rebounds, although the rate has improved his shooting percentage, but the audience appeared eight turnovers or anti very uncomfortable. When the third quarter he blocked the attack again and again, and even lost his cool, was blown a technical foul. The thunder in the first strong win, Adu missed the 20 ball, but still in the most critical moment hit the winning vote. Warriors today will undoubtedly play a stronger oppression of defense, Adu and Robertson began a series of mistakes, was hit a wave of 6-0. In 8 minutes and 43 seconds, Adu finally hit the break back in the library after Green steals, face layup, also made a foul. His ball attack still siege, Andre Iguodala consecutive steals him twice, but in 6 minutes 01 seconds or back after playing difficult turn throw shots. Curry and Green found three broke up, the thunder chase points difficult. Adu at the end of the section to return to the field, in 08 minutes and 2 seconds and made Iguodala foul, he scored 5 in the first quarter 7 points, thunder team scored only 20 points. Festival Adu to take off the bench, he in 10 minutes and 13 seconds to grab the front plate Bulan, subsequently holding breakthrough Livingston single plates, easy layup. But in 55 minutes and 8 seconds, his passing was Barbosa cut off, this is his fifth mistake. In Weiss after the game, Adu’s attack is also shared, in 37 minutes and 8 seconds, when he was in the room, immediately received a Weiss pass into three points. In the next round they just fell on repeat the stock tricks, Adu hit three points off. 7 minutes and 03 seconds, Adu grabbed the rebound after Adams and then roll into dry Stubbs, with only 1 points behind the thunder. 4 minutes and 35 seconds, Adu on the cover of creating space without the ball, the ball that is put into it. In the first half he 13 shots in 9 scored 23 points, bloom brothers add up to score more than, but Durant or because the team did not give yourself enough to pass and anger, in a fast break he because winters, not to give him the ball and anger sprayed two f prefix foul language. However, the effect of thunder defense or let them at the end of the second and third quarter was hit a wave of 10-0 climax, Adu in the 9 quarter of third minutes and 49 seconds was also blown offensive foul. He doesn’t get a mobile phone, in 6 minutes and 44 seconds was curry steals. Then he outside the three-point line for curry foul. He was very angry and can argue with the referee, also was blowing up a technical foul, all of a sudden gave curry four free throws. In 5 minutes and 53 seconds, Adu was boggarts steals, a man took the opportunity to curry and chopped 15 points, hit thunder directly. This day Adu only scored 4 points, 17 points and curitiba. After the start of the distal and Adu in 10 minutes, 38 seconds sudden strong still do not enter, and Andre Iguodala, Aizelilian attack succeeded, and the differential opened to 29 points GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI WOMENS SANDALS BLACK CALF-SKIN LEATHER 120MM オンライン Thunder chase points hopeless, Donovan also did not let Adu and Weiss continue to play how long, less than half of the two will not be replaced, announced the surrender in advance. Author: Kewell