[NBA] James mourners to wear T-shirts? Lu: Green ban does not mean to win

According to a report in the Cleveland Cavaliers team reporter Joe – Walden, Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue in interviews with the media remains their watertight style. He said: “Drummond Green was suspended does not mean that we can win the fifth game of the finals.” The knight team headed star LeBron James said that he returned to Cleveland’s goal is to this place to contribute. Their goal has always been to bring the NBA champion, and his goal has not changed. It is worth mentioning is as a green ban event Party LeBron when accepting media to interview, dressed in a front T-shirts WWE professional wrestling contest superstar “undertaker” image. The reporter also said, do not know Lebron wearing a T-shirt “undertaker” what is the meaning of. In this year’s finals, the Knights of the Jinzhou warriors and the old opponent to meet again. Warriors is first achieved victory in the first two games, two games outscored the Cavaliers up to 48 points, creating a finals of two scoring margin of league history record. And the Cavaliers in the back after the war in third home court, bounced back, scoring 30 points single game warriors. 4 are of vital importance for both teams. The knight team hopes to hold the two home court tied the score, but the warriors hope back to the home court advantage with 3-1. G4 game scene is very intense, the two sides also lead the score alternately. And Lebron and the warriors power forward Green – Drummond in the game also occurred in conflict. Lebron first crossed the fall of Green, Green and Lebron immediately hit the lower body to be back. The two sides immediately broke out verbal conflict. After the game, Lebron said, the League should Green hit their own behavior to check the lower body. And the League official after a serious review, decided to add a malicious foul on Lebron, Green additional technical foul. Green is so foul reach the limit, is automatically suspended for a game. Green as the main organizer of the warriors and defensive players, its important significance for the team is self-evident WOMEN’S NIKE AIR MAX 95 INVIGOR PRINT DISCOUNT 7B3YQ2 Green suspended, no doubt will give the Cavaliers turn. However, Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue at this moment is to maintain a calm, remind the players being suspended for green, and to be concentrate to prepare for. And as the other side of the conflict, Lebron in the face of the warriors players have not been accused of too much response. But he insists he has no intention of crossing Green. Author: Hu Hu