[NBA] referee Association spray NBA referee report: Green foul? You are wrong!

December 16th: since NBA began in 2015 March published the last game in 2 minutes the referee reports, it has been controversial, especially in the National Basketball Association referee very opposed the move. Recently, the association and NBA bar on the. Finally, NBA recently issued many of the 2 minute of the match report, including the pelican warriors beat the battle, the last 2 minutes of the Davies report, the key is Green off the ball foul, and the national basketball referees association to fight back. “The warriors and the pelican in the battle of the referee did not foul call is correct, no matter who is looking back the ball, their conclusions are wrong,” the National Basketball Association referee in their official twitter said. “To pull the shirt this kind of thing, in the game is very easy to happen, is incidental things, is the very edge of the thing, this does not affect the players speed, agility, balance, or rhythm.” NBA the last 2 minutes of the referee reports that Green Davies steals very clean, but before he put his hand on the other on the back, pulled his shirt, so this is a foul. This is not the first time the National Basketball Association has sprayed NBA’s last 2 minutes. Before they publicly expressed dissatisfaction, and said the move to change the game and no meaning. Indeed, NBA the last 2 minutes of the report looks very full of formalism, it appears that chicken ribs, but a lot of reaction, such as too much emphasis on the last 2 minutes of the penalty is important, in fact, even if the referee whistled in the last 2 minutes all right, it may also be a controversial game, because the other time the referee may make a lot of mistakes and not be displayed. In addition, NBA penalty report is not absolute authority, sometimes the same foul, in some games is correct, while others are not correct. For example, Green on Davies’s last break through the replays, this is indeed a very beautiful steals. If the defender can not put his hands on the offensive player’s back, then NBA each game every offensive and defensive round basically foul. In addition to the national basketball referees Association, many NBA players also hate the last 2 minutes referee report. For example, the Clippers Griffin, he has many angry spray this report meaningless DISCOUNT SUPRA TK SOCIETY WHITE RED MEN’S SHOES Author: Qiao Tete