[NBA]LBJ: de la down there will be someone to stand up

The Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs this season to keep the overall health, this also let them in the playoff surging, has made the 10 game winning streak. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue in media interview said team’s primary backup point guard Matthew dellavedova may be because of a sprained left ankle misses to the Toronto Raptors team series race for the third war. But it is now certain that Della Vedova will play in today’s game. Lu said dellavedova ankle still feel pain, they will be in the pre match training see dellavedova state to determine whether he will be able to play in the third game. Lu said: “the team of trainers and the doctor’s opinion is the most important for me. I’m not a doctor. So, if they say La can play, then he will play. If they say they can’t play D, then he can’t play. If not for the La game, so it must be ready for other players, play performance.” If della Vedova could not play in the third game at the end, it would be a surprise. Because from his morning training running situation, and there is no obvious problem. If dellavedova missed, then the third bench of the team control point guard Mo Williams to assume his responsibility. Williams, the veteran who also had a good play during the regular season, but then he suffered injury problems, but now has been restored to health. Dellavedova in both series match of the second war a sprained ankle when he tried to break through ball Raptors backup point guard Joseph. When della sprained my ankle. He was still trying to teammate Jefferson sent a lob dunk assists. The Knights suffered serious injuries in the playoffs last season. In reached the NBA finals, Kevin and Loew claims they have two star season irwin. And this has led to LeBron in the finals in the face of the Golden State Warriors team alone is difficult, eventually regret lost lost an opportunity to win MEN’S NIKE SHOX R3 SHOES BLACK/SILVER CHEAP TO BUY This season, the playoffs, the team in the playoffs to maintain the overall health of the team. And this is the first time the Knights have been in the playoffs, the first time there have been a major rotation players because of injury problems and not sure whether to play. When the knight star James Lebron was asked about the team’s health, he said: “if some people fall, then there will be other people stand up. We have always been the idea. Now we will not change this approach.” The playoffs so far this season, Della Vedova is the team’s main reserve point guard, in the 10 playoff game midfielder can contribute 5.6 points and 3.5 assists. Author: Hu Hu