[NBA] is not afraid of Jackson chaos! Anonymous Manager: for God Star recruit Nicks wave

December 17th: the past few seasons, Nicks has been the big free agent such as Miss Durant this summer, do not want to interview with them, because he didn’t want to play for the team, however, insiders still optimistic about New York’s ability to recruit, but this is not because of Anthony or Jackson, but because of Pohl Zingis. “He’s definitely capable of recruiting and it’s easy to see what he’s doing on the pitch,” said a senior Western team MENS PUMA FLUXION IN RED/BLACK ONLINE “Absolutely, absolutely,” said another Western team’s top brass. According to statistics, Pohl Zingis since 1983 NBA twelfth in his first 100 games to score a score of 1500 points while the cap to reach the players of 175. Other players on this list are superstars like Olajuwon, Ewing and O’neal. “The players really respect Pohl Zingis’s game, everyone wants to play with him, but not in the absence of Anthony, at the moment still have Anthony,” an anonymous agent said. “I think the players is definitely to play with Pohl Zingis, because he was able to open space, and he is very selfless, he is also very, very talented,” another broker said. And Pohl Zingis himself is willing to help Nicks to recruit free agents. Of course, you want to build a team around you, so that you can win, you can win one day benefited in every way, realize, “Pohl Zingis said,” now, I don’t worry about your own can recruit what players join in. I just focus on my team and try my best this season, then the future is sure to happen.” Author: Qiao Tete