[NBA\] God: let the fans curry soup identity than LBJ

Zhang Qiang: reported in the United States in June 2nd second consecutive finals, the defending champions warriors confident. Public training before the finals, the Warrior Leader of the clay Thompson said regardless of his own or the whole team, are stronger than last year many, he believes that curry in the fans than LeBron James identify more sense. “We are much better than last year. First of all, we know what it feels like to stand on the stage, we don’t have last year’s tension. Including myself, we have a lot of players last year, the first game is very tight, it is not familiar with the region. But now, we know what it looks like: every ball has a role to play, easy scoring chances are hard to get, more ruthless than ever before, and more physical. Compared to last year, we have more experience, know what we will experience, what is waiting for us.” Thompson in an interview, it is very calm. Such confidence, to a large extent from in the last round of the Western Conference finals they under 1-3 behind the despair, even under the three city, incredible comeback. Thompson said, “this round of the series, for me is of the greatest significance is we show that the toughness, 3-1, is already a hopeless situation, but we never panic. We fight, unhurried, a back. When things get very difficult, we do not avoid, but to meet the challenges.” Not only feel that the warrior is much better than last year, but he also believes that he has matured a lot. “This is my second in the new coach system is difficult, I am fully aware of their own where to shoot the shot, on the defensive and after the cover of running, I know more about their role CHRISTMAS DEALS NEW BALANCE 580 WOMEN BLUE BBBZPJ Now, I feel a lot more comfortable.” Training the first day of the public, curry and James who was first in the league in the topic was repeatedly brought, but the two parties are trivial and noncommittal. Of course, a good reporter also asked Thompson this question, let him think who is the first person, Thompson also in the “play Tai Chi”: “I do not know, this problem is difficult to answer. To be honest, this is related to regional, I think the fans in the eastern part of Stephen’s ball is not much, because the relationship between the time difference. But the real basketball fans will stay up late to watch him play, because he played too good to watch.” He preferred to use the identity to answer. “I think the ordinary fans, identity Stephen, because you can hardly have 6-8 height, 260 pounds in weight, 40 inch jumping and running the fastest ability. Stephen did not have the ability to exercise God, he will be more likely to let the fans agree. Of course, this is my personal point of view.” Author: Zhang Qiang