[NBA] Bulldog Lori: really have the opportunity to Toronto

May 24th: ESPN news reports, always under stress in rebound, this is the characteristic that the Raptors guard Lori. In the Eastern Conference finals, he and the Raptors once 0-2, and Lori their state is in the doldrums, but now, four battle down situation is 2-2. Lori’s own competitive state, efficiency is also back to the brave. “He is a little bulldog,” Raptors coach Casey said, “I want to say is, you question him, he broke out when. I’ve seen this too many times, in the playoffs, each people are on the suspicion that he, an afterthought, and he can always bounce back. He’s doing it all his life. From high school, to college, to NBA’s first few seasons, which made him an all star player.” G1, G2, Lori a total of only 18 points PUMA X TRAPSTAR SUEDE “WHITE/GLACIER GREY” 361644-01 NEW RELEASE G3 he got 20 points, G4 is 35 points. “It’s like a boxing match, I just keep looking at their own pace, finally found the solution, calculate their measures to respond to the I, understand how they should deal with me, I think such a fight over the entire playoffs on my.” Lori said. The final 22.5 seconds, Lori scored a victory in the face of the JR basket. “I want to get some space to avoid attracting double packs.” Lori said. Since the 2013-14 season, the thunder, the Raptors are first team in the division finals 0-2 situation pull into’s 2-2 draw with the team. “Not optimistic about the US, no one good we can beat the Cavaliers, but we still have to do their own thing, continue stirring, continue to work hard, continue to stalker. In order to be able to continue to win.” Casey said. Lori revealed that in the beginning of this year’s playoffs to start his own shooting in the doldrums, Durant has sent him text messages, to encourage. “We have to stay calm and get to know what we’re going to face, what they’re doing, making fun, and make sure we’re able to fight back.” Lori said. “I think we have a chance. We always believe in our team. I just think now we have a chance to go into action.” Author: Qiao Tete