[NBA] exposure is expected to be 5 years to renew the wizard Bill salary

Reported on May 27: as one of the league’s hottest backcourt, the combination of wizards bill and the wall can be said to be promising, and Brooks has just assumed office, the Wizards ready are trying to reinstall the attack. However, they are one of the two Bill did not give up the opportunity to test the free agent market. This summer, he will become a restricted free agent. Last week, he reiterated that he considered himself worthy of a top salary contract, and he hoped that he would be expected to offer him a top salary contract. He wanted to stay in the wizards, but he also admitted that if the wizards can not give him what he wants, he will seek any possible. Now, unless drastic changes, otherwise Bill no longer need going around. According to sources, the United States in July 1st, the free agent negotiations once opened, as long as the wage cap allows the range, the wizards are willing to give Bill up to five years of the top salary contract. According to forecast, this summer salary cap will be up to about $90 million. Assumed the 2016-2017 season salary cap of $92 million, then the wizards can bill for the salary of a contract may be as high as $23 million, because as a force with a team of up to four years of “veteran”, his annual salary can be accounted for 25% of the salary cap. Bill, a player who has never been selected to the all star, has never played more than 73 games in a single season (a record low of 55 games this season). Why are the Wizards willing to provide him with such a huge contract? Because wonder believes in his potential. More incisive argument is that for the Wizards had few options. It is necessary to explain what sequence of events here, summer is the best time free players. The league’s payroll cap will be up to $22 million a year, more than any previous rally, because the new super – huge contract will come into force next season. Results in the League all of a sudden have 16 teams have enough salary cap space, they can to a max contract at least one player, but also on the line-up for minor repairs. In addition, in the season before the end, the team was forced requirements consumed 90% of the salary cap space (Legend of the Pauper line), as a result, Wizards of total wages must at more than $82.8 million, can eat more out of this part of the money players are numbered. This season the 2015-2016 season), Bryant is only a salary to $23 million of the players, but this summer, there will be several players wages can emulate this season Kobe 2017 GIRLS AIR JORDAN 6 BLACK PINK SHOES FOR SALE ONLINE “Premium” contract to bring the shock will be temporary, because next summer’s salary cap will jump, so in the long run this summer, rushed to grab people to be more cost-effective. Raptors billom Bo, as the team’s backup center, this season he paid only $2 million 800 thousand. A from league source said that because the playoffs playing explosive performance, leading bullish billon Bo, this summer, he will definitely out of the contract, to seek a salary of at least $16 million in new contracts. According to the well-known basketball website Hoopshype data, Bi Yongbo in this summer’s list of potential free players ranked twenty-third, while Bill is ranked ninth in this list. Note that the list of players contains a part of the summer has a player option for players, although there are some of the players is unlikely to test the free agent market, such as LeBron James and Andre Drummond. In other words, if the Wizards in Bill’s supplementary contract question hesitated, other team is bound to give bill provides a maximum salary contract, as a result, if the Wizards would like to retain the bill, is only a passive matching, because Bill is a restricted free agent. Young Bill was also a top salary advantage. This summer he was 23 years old, and the peak of the NBA players are in the age of 26 to 28 years old, so that Bill plasticity is still very strong. The Wizards also not willing to use the first before and after the change of way of saying good-bye to Bill, because they may have left with nothing whatsoever in the summer of next year. Max contract Bill, at least, both sides understand each other, not a big accident. In addition, the eye-catching performance of the playoffs is also a plus for Bill. He scored 21.2 points in 21 playoff games, or 23 players (less than 22 years old) who had at least eight points in a year’s playoffs. So, although Bill easily suffered injuries, but the wizards are willing to try. Author: Small Red Army