[NBA] “Ke Jiajun” has nearly 2 years of the worst panic?

3 of the Western Conference finals war begins today, this season, in the regular season played 73 wins and 9 losses the best record in the history of the Golden State Warriors AIR JORDAN 1 WHITE GREEN GOLD LASTEST In the game played Cole era the most awkward game. In the game, the warriors were the thunder team with 133 – 105 swing. If not fourth games on both sides of the main force, the warriors will lose more. Warriors in the Cole era, they lost to the opponent most of the previous team lost 32 points. And in the playoffs they had never encountered lost to rivals more than 13 defeat. At the beginning of the game, the game is still showing a balanced pattern. The warriors side Stephen curry and Thompson Klein – continue to be the main point of attack. A brother had 17 points in the first game. And thunder side, they in the paint rely on ADAMS and Kanter is composed of the twin towers occupy the advantage, and the offensive end is Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook turns angry. Thunder at the end of the first quarter to 34-28 scored 6 points in the lead. But 6 points difference for the Warriors is definitely controllable range. According to the normal development of the script, it will definitely be a well-matched in strength exchange that war. Even before the second quarter of the game, it was still calm and normal, with more than 5 minutes left. However, since then the warriors power forward Green – Drummond in the attack on the brain heat, a direct kick in the thunder team center Adams’s lower body. And this is green for the second game in a match against Adams nakedness the, such insulting action let green received a flagrant foul, let the braves all will seem a sudden loss of heart qi, also thoroughly angered the thunder team players. Under the leadership of Durant and Wesbrook, the thunder team played a full momentum. Durant and Weiss continued to hit the basket, Durant and completed the anger! And the warriors here seems to have been the effects of the malicious foul, offensive end a series of blacksmith, defensive end is flawed. In the first half of the last nearly 4 minutes, the warriors just rely on the library to get the 1 points penalty. Thunder team completed a wave of 17-1 attacks, in the first half to achieve a big score 72-47 leading edge. Historically, there has not been a reversal in the playoffs over 25 points or more in the first half. But there are some fans may also be naive to hope that the warriors can be completed in the third quarter, a big reversal? After all, everything is possible for the defending champion, which has created 73 wins and 9 losses. But Durant and Wesbrook’s rage continued into the third quarter. They teamed up in the third quarter of 24 points, led the thunder team in the third quarter played a big score 45-33. When the third quarter, we have to understand that everything is over. Author: Hu Hu