[NBA] re employment will become the magic coach Vogel exposure!

Not long ago, J Gills quit the magic coach, after which Orlando has been in the selection of the new coach, and this process does not last for too long. Recently according to the Orlando Sentinel “reporter Josh Robbins report, league sources familiar with the inside story said, magic has been determined to reach an agreement with Frank Vogel, Vogel in the new season will serve as magic of the new coach. Vogel had been held by the Pacers coach. The season he led the Pacers made a record of 45 wins and 37 losses NIKE X FRAGMENT DESIGN SOCK DART SP GREY WHITE ONLINE However, after the end of the journey of the season, Pacers president Larry Bird decided to part ways with the manager and he has coached the team for six seasons. The Pacers coach Vogel led the team during the 431 regular season games, 250 wins 181 of the negative record, winning 58%. According to previous reports, the pointer in the hand magic Skiles, Orlando is linked to Vogel. The magic of the general manager rob Hennigan in Beijing on Tuesday and Wednesday, has interviewed Vogel and Adrian Griffin. Hennigan stressed the urgency of team Xuanshuai. “I think time has essential significance for us, we want to ensure that we can quickly take action.” Hennigan said, “at the same time, we have to make sure that our choices are based on our investigation, and we will not make a hasty decision. Therefore, we will take into account both, but it is certain that we have felt more sense of urgency than before.” In addition, magic high-rise conveys requirements of new coach, and that is the need to have very good defensive philosophy, so that in the future to improve the team’s defense. While Vogel emphasizes the defensive style and the ability to deal with the relationship between the players and the ability to eventually become the reason why the management of magic. It is worth mentioning that after Vogel has accepted the Knicks president Phil Jackson’s interview, Jackson to Vogel has a good impression, the U.S. media had once said, Vogel lead the Knicks coach candidate, but the Knicks eventually decided to employ hornacek served as coach and Vogel took the magic pointer. Author: Mu Zili