[NBA] library will become the first in history all MVP?

According to ESPN reporter mark Stein said the latest, this week, the NBA will announce the attribution of MVP, and answer is the warrior star library. This will also be the prize awarded to him for the second consecutive season. Now, the only suspense is whether Curitiba unanimously elected (the first ballot). You know, NBA since ancient times there has never been what a MVP is unanimous, even if Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron closest to eventually sent 1 votes. In the history of the NBA, had a total of 12 players occupation career more than once to get MVP, curry became the thirteenth person AIR JORDANS 4 RETRO “MELO” PE WHITE RED FOR SALE CHEAP TO BUY The guard players do not much, only 2 people in the library before, are Magic Johnson, Nash. And in the history of the warriors, curry is the first to do more than one get MVP player, before the warriors history only Wilt Chamberlain took the MVP, but he only took 1 times. This season Curry’s progress is unmatched. He averaged 30.1 points, than his season, averaging 23.8 points to enhance the points and 6.3. As the reigning MVP, Curitiba also created the NBA history of defending MVP single season scoring record surge. Before the record is created by Bird, he averaged 24.2 points in the 1983-84 season, and then the next season averaged 28.7 points, two seasons he has got MVP. Also Arsenal this season, averaging 50.4 percent shooting, third shooting 45.4%, rate of 90.8% free throws, he became the NBA history single season hit 50, 40, 90 hit rate of players in, first scoring 30 points. At the same time, he also hit 402 three pointers, NBA became the first in the history of single season hit three players reached number 400. More important is, in the Library under the leadership, warriors created the season 26 wins and 0 losses North American professional sports history record, while the completion of the 73 wins in a single season record in the NBA, the warrior’s name forever go down in the annals of history. From the first day of the season, at the end of the day, the library has been leading the MVP list, and a huge advantage way ahead. With the historical performance of the individual, so that the level of team performance, he won a unanimous vote is also called MVP. Of course, after all, the MVP award is selected by 130 members of the media, which the human factors still can not control, which is why the NBA was established has not a unanimous MVP. Author: Qiao Tete