[NBA] a magical iron evidence of Lebron will win G2

First game of the NBA Finals, the LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road to 89-104 defeat to the Golden State Warriors. Both sides of the series of the first World War II will continue to be the home of the warriors CONVERSE SUMMER NICOLAS CAGE SOUL CAMOUFLAGE ARMY OLIVE GREEN ALL STAR CHUCKS HIGH S CANVAS SNEAKERS TOP DEALS Winning or losing the G2 is essential for the Cavaliers and LeBron, once again they lost, will have to carry 0-2 behind the unfavorable situation back home. However, historical data show that Lebron in the series of World War II win odds. According to statistics, Lebron and his team lost the first game in the last nine playoffs, both in the second games to achieve a rebound victory. In the 2009 Eastern Conference playoffs, Lebron led the team in the first two rounds are also easy clearance. But in the Eastern Conference finals they met Howard Orlando, who led the Dwight magic. At that time, the world of Warcraft at the peak of the state, he led the magic in the first war on the 107-106 to beat the knights. But Lebron and knight in the second successful rally to 96-95 regain a bureau. Of course, this series eventually failed to knight. Lebron joined the Miami heat, the team’s strength is unprecedented, it is difficult to have the team in the first game of the series to beat them. But even if the team can do this, Lebron and Miami will tie in second games. 2011 Eastern Conference finals, Chicago bulls first beat the heat, but Lebron led the heat in second games to win. 2012 NBA finals, the thunder team first win, but the heat second games to win and fully occupy the series initiative. 2013 Eastern Conference playoffs as well as the NBA finals, the heat on the bulls and the Spurs, the same is the first loss to win. 2014 Eastern Conference finals, the heat G1 lost to the pedestrian team, and then in the G2 win. In the finals, even though they in G2 to regain a bureau, but then losing streak, championship and reaching out to the San Antonio Spurs. In 2015, Lebron returned to Cleveland. In the eastern semi final, Lebron and the old enemy bulls encounter. The first game, the bulls to win 99-92. The Cavaliers tied the score by 106-91 G2. This series of matches, the Knights of the final victory in 4-2. The finals, the Cavaliers in the first game the same with 100-108 not enemy warriors. Second games, Lebron scored 16 points and 39 rebounds and 11 assists, leading the team in the road to 95-93 difficult to win. Although Lebron in this series extremely brave, but they eventually lost personnel neat warriors. Author: Hu Hu