[NBA]: a number of recursive curry performance warriors victory

NBA today and the end of a confrontation of the Western Conference finals warriors at home 120-111 pulled a city, to see which is concerned with the data record, curry had 31 points, Thompson 27 points, the warriors scored G5, pull the total score into 2-3. Of course, ultimately, change the situation of the two inside teammate Andrew Bogut, green boards with, they were robbed 14 rebounds and 13 rebounds. Andrew Bogut and green as a team together and played the 231 games of the regular season, 46 games in the playoffs, not this game today, before them in the same field competition to grab at least 13 rebounds only happened twice, once is last season’s Western Conference finals against the Rockets game, and time is January 31 to 76 people. Also which is curry in the playoffs the 2 time single game scoring 30 points, in the recent two season playoff, when curry scored 30 points, a warrior’s record is 11 wins and 0 losses. Moreover, this is his occupation career in the playoffs for the first time in the game scoring 30 points on the case sent 5 steals. Warriors this is followed by a defeat in the home to usher in the fifteenth game winning streak (including regular season, playoffs), this season they are 7 wins and 0 losses. This is the season thunder in the Durant scored 30 points in the case of the first loss (5 wins and 1 losses). Author: Qiao Tete