[NBA] Green: G3 is our own soft eggs see LBJ grow up but do not worship him

Lost third games for the defending champion in high and vigorous spirits is a timely reminder. Warriors “big mouth” green is NUPI team a is 100 percent wimps, any random bullying opponents, he also said never worshipped LeBron James. For Green and the warriors, the last one was a complete defeat. Warriors began to be suppressed opponents, the first quarter behind 20 points, since then the situation has been non, and finally by opponents crazy slaughter 30 points. And James positive contest, green also falls completely in the wind, he in 36 minutes and 2 of 8 shots, only got 6 points, and James cut 32 points and 11 rebounds, offensive and defensive ends are eye-catching performance. “On the offensive side, I need to be more positive and consume more of Lebron’s energy. The last game, I didn’t do it, not active, not aggressive, next, I want to play more aggressive.” Green review saying that he said next to better constrain the James, “a, he played a a very good game, we do not expect every field are completely restricted to him, he will certainly play a good game. That’s why he is his reason, but we can do a better job for him, and we will do it.” A reporter asked when he was young, whether worship James, Green’s answer is interesting and brief, I watched his ball grew up, but never worship any player.” The third game, warriors coach cole to criticize the team played soft, Green said agree 100 per cent, “I don’t know why we play so soft, if you know, games and no playing like that. But we are so weak that we are being bullied and torn, and you can use any word to describe it 2017 AIR JORDAN 4 RETRO PREMIUM “BLACK” BLACK/BLACK-SAIL SUPER DEALS BDKMB That’s the way it is, and that’s why it’s the game.” Author: Zhang Qiang