[NBA] exposure Bosh or will be forced to accept medical retirement

May 16th reported: according to ESPN reports, the last time, in the Toronto all star, the heat once again found that Bosh’s physical problems will cause the season to be reimbursed. This time or in Toronto, Miami grab war seven lost to the Raptors regret out, their season ended, and between them and the bosh and have to deal with. From now until the fall of this period, the heat and Bosh need to make a decision on each other’s future. Everyone must face Bosh eventually forced to accept the “medical retirement” outcome. The so-called “medical retired,” is to 2017 on February 10 (distance bosh one play a year after Chris Bosh or don’t play, in accordance with relevant provisions of the alliance, the Miami heat can combine with the players union application specified by the alliance of doctors to on Bosh’s condition diagnosis, if doctors eventually confirmed the bosh body has been unable to allow him to continue his career, bosh can choose “medical retired, so Chris Bosh can also get all the salaries of the remaining contract, and Chris Bosh salary also will not be counted in the salary cap for the Miami Heat. Bosh and the heat of the contract between the remaining three years 75 million U.S. dollars, he can get all the money. According to the relevant policies, the heat can get some compensation, but for them, they certainly want to get a every night to maintain a healthy Bosh. Even if Bosh got a doctor’s license, you can return to the stadium. But his health problems still look like a huge crisis that can erupt at any time. In the Miami heat lost to the Raptors, coach Spoelstra said: “I for bosh felt deeply sorry, because I know the game for him how important it is.” Spoehr Stella did not talk about the future of Bosh, but his pessimism has shown the seriousness of the problem. Heat in order to find Bosh in the inside of the replacement, they may have to spend up to forty million of the salary space MENS AIR JORDAN 11 LOW “GEORGETOWN” FOR SALE CHRISTMAS DEALS For example, they are currently the most pressing is to keep the team’s main center Whiteside – Hassan. There is no doubt that Bosh wants to continue playing, and the heat is also hoping he will be able to return to health. Heat earlier and Bosh also issued a joint statement: the heat, Bosh and the medical team has been working hard, hoping to let Bosh as soon as possible to return to the stadium.” But a cruel reality is that the heat has been for two consecutive seasons because of Bosh’s health problems can not go further. Bosh this season, a total of 53 games for the heat, the field can contribute 7.4 points and 19.1 rebounds. Since the all star weekend, Bosh has been in a state of injury. Previously, the heat has officially released a statement to announce Bosh reimbursement. Author: Hu Hu