[NBA] harden 34+8+17 rocket performance but was actually losing the cornerstone of God teammates drag

October 27th: Beijing time on October 27th, the Rockets away 114-120 against the Lakers, harden the game while playing fantastic performance, the audience scored 34 points and 8 rebounds and 17 assists, but still do not move with the team, eventually Hugh city suffered a black door. Dandong, he said the offseason, harden will play the role of Nash. When Beverly was injured, harden guard naturally logical. But in the regular season opener before the start, put forward higher requirements, “Dantoni” insatiable “assists Harden, I want to double than last season is not difficult.” The manager heard such requirements, harden, have the whole of sparta. “One of 15 assists. I’m going to go crazy.” In fact, read the history of the league, there is no one player can be in a season in the field have sent 15 assists, Nash can not do, Stockton, the history of the same assists. But is the so-called small beard how bold, how high harden. Today, the game just kicked off, harden started production line. He the ball outside, Anderson hit three points; he the ball outside, Gordon will hit three points; he the ball outside, Ariza also hit three points; but when he lost the ball inside, by Cappella responsible for the. When the team does not pit, harden naturally miraculous. The first section after, individual has 9 assists. Until the day, harden become aggravated. In fact, with the Lakers bench in the competition, the Rockets also once into the wind. But as long as the harden debut, will instantly turn the tide, turnabout. When the end of the first 52 seconds Gordon again three points, the Rockets have ballooned to two digits, which is first sent fourteenth assists haddon. Of course, don’t think harden vegetarian Buddha, who assists. The score of the pengci, harden will not hesitate. The same is the end of the first half, harden suddenly dry pull, forced manufacturing Randall foul, 3 penalty 2 after 16 points accounted for half the same person. This really make people feel the – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. When the easy to fight again, continue to cut to kill james. But this section is more personal and harden score pengci, scored 12 points in 12 minutes. It is worth mentioning that the cornerstone of this section of the brush out of the personal seventeenth assists, which set a record of his career. Prior to this. Harden the highest single game assists for 17 times last season with the Rockets in the old club thunder game, he had 16 assists in one game. Today, the record is easy to go beyond. However, the Rockets bench paratelum again a Houston lead all gone, but also behind the opponent LASTEST MEN’S NIKE AIR MAX TN KPU Harden break layup, get the game thirtieth points. When the Rockets came behind the opponent, to harden pengci skills, continuous Houston smooth score. But the key moment, harden errors, and rocket defense vulnerabilities again and again, everything is irretrievable. The first black door, harden has to try, but if you do not solve the defense, even harden superhuman powers, what is the use? Author: LEON