[NBA] beauty reporter points out: leave Las really for the Lakers system feel strange?

October 25th: Yi Jianlian ultimately failed to stay with the Lakers, although this does not mean that he has identified will leave NBA, but in the Lakers training camp is worth the aftertaste fans these days. Obviously, Yi Jianlian’s performance and the fans have a great contrast to his expectations. Looking back at the Olympic Games, Chinese team battle the American team, although the final China team with 62-119 big score lost the game, but Yi Jianlian in the game, scored 25 points, in the face of the American team’s defense, Yi Jianlian can let him play the characteristics of everything that is a Chinese player in the face of the U.S. team when the highest individual scoring record. Most of the fans for Yi Jianlian’s confidence comes from the game, but to NBA, the first season with the Lakers before the game to give the fans poured a pot of cold water, Yi Jianlian played only 3 minutes in garbage time 1 shots in 0 only grabbed 2 rebounds. After that, Yi Jianlian did not have a big improvement in the Lakers’ performance, until he had to be cut off. What makes Yi Jianlian so failed to return to NBA? Is it just little Walton’s mistrust? Is it simply because he won’t get enough chances? The training camp in the open before the Lakers team with the famous beauty reporter Serena Winters’s tweets are set on the Internet, she wrote at the time: “just chatted with Yi Jianlian small, the main information received from him is that he feels the team system is very new for him now, I gave him some advice.” Of course, there are fans forwarded this tweet, and said: the Lakers system for all people, are unfamiliar.” Now looking back, perhaps Winters’s tweets in Yi Wencai can not adapt to the key to the lakers. You know Walton last season or the warriors’ chief assistant, and the warriors in the last two or three seasons in the NBA arena set off a tactical revolution, three ball said curry changed the game, rather than the warriors a tactical revolution changed NBA PUMA BY RIHANNA SUEDE CREEPERS BLACK GREY BURGUNDY 2017 NEW SUPER DEALS This tactical revolution for us ordinary fans, we can only see the game better, look better, but for the players on the pitch, they want to make the change might have too much that we are not aware of, such as the reading of the game, and some other details. In the past few seasons, Yi has been “sung” in the CBA, for the NBA change maybe he really can only feel a strange and uncomfortable, perhaps this is due to make Yi with the Lakers the misfits. But the good news is that although not able to stay with the Lakers, but there are still other NBA teams on the Arab Israeli alliance expressed interest, such as the nets, in short, in the NBA will still be the most fans want to see. Author: Zhao Buchuan