[NBA] dangerous! Green and then receive 2 technical offence is suspended

In today’s Western Conference champion and thunder G5, Green also received a technical foul, which is his personal fifth technical foul in the playoffs. Green is started in the third quarter of the 1 minute will receive the technical foul, when Durant and his defense green have physical contact, Durant investment 3 points and draw fouls, referee immediately whistling, blowing green foul, Durant three free throws. To the green very dissatisfied, he did not control their emotions directly waved the arms to protest, regardless of his mouth there is no speak, this action has been relatively large enough the referee blows directly a technical foul. That’s Green’s fifth. Prior to Green has said he wants to control and referee the game in the playoffs, do not do any unnecessary expression, in order to avoid technical foul. Looks like he’s not in control. In accordance with the provisions of the NBA, in the playoffs, when a player’s technical fouls accumulated to 7 times, he will automatically suspended for one game. Before the start of this series, Green back 4 technical foul, he had said it would not let the problem become a problem for the team. Now he appears again the technical foul has very limited space, if he doesn’t want to ban if he could get a. Today, Green contributed 11 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists PANDORA LETTER O PENDANT CHARM SILVER FOR SALE Of course, all of this is based on the premise of the champion of this season can continue to carry on. Although today the home they beat the thunder, on both sides of the big score pull into the 2-3, but then G6 to to Oklahoma City, the series warrior is not here to win the game, and lost two matches are 20 + points defeat, this series can not back to Auckland is hard to say. Author: Qiao Tete