[NBA] Paul exposes Adu’s move to advice: This is a great opportunity for your career

Recently, clippers guard Chris Paul is in Chicago to participate in charitable activities. This summer, the Clippers had active pursuit of Kevin Durant, but the two sides met after Adu finally did not choose to join. Paul himself will be in the next year became a free agent, the Clippers. The big three years, but it has always been difficult to in the playoffs get satisfactory results, Paul future has become the by the media and fans talking about the topic. And in an interview with the United States today, Paul revealed that he and Durant had a telephone conversation. His choice of Durant in the free market, perhaps to explain his own future considerations MEN’S NIKE SHOX NZ CARPENTERWORM SHOES WHITE/BLACK/OFFWHITE/SILVER CHEAP TO BUY “This is a free market, you know, the player has the right to make a choice according to his own will.” He said, “I remember I told KD, man, this is the number of your career can choose the team’s great opportunity, you can choose to live in their own city, you want to play for the team. Enjoy the process.” Finally, Durant chose the warriors, but Paul did not complain, even if the Clippers want more difficult to overstep the enemy. “This is his choice, and I’m happy for him.” Paul’s good friend Wade Dwayne also changed his club this summer, Paul only said: “we all went to places where they want to go, I feel happy for them. This is their decision, I have nothing to be angry about.” Last season, because Paul and Griffin injured at the same time, the Clippers strength hit, was in the first round of the Blazers eliminated, there is no opportunity to grips with warriors. Paul just smiled and said: “we have to find a way to deal with the warriors in the 2016-17 season.”.” Author: Kewell