[NBA] Zhou Libo gun the conviction behind NBA to pay the cost of life

Although Americans are not familiar with Zhou Libo, but Zhou Libo’s gun case or triggered a big discussion of Chinese people, especially it relates to the United States perplexing gun law, regardless of how the outcome of the trial, an undeniable fact is that the firearms act is still a sensitive topic in the United States, with even the stars in the NBA they are also increasingly unstable factors and the guns in contact, or even to pay the cost of life…… In September 2003, Jielun – Ross experienced a terrible accident, almost lost his life. When he was with the first ten million annual salary, was mixed in chicago. Like many athletes earn a lot of money, he came to Losangeles to go to night. But as he enjoyed, just want to leave the club when he was caught in a shooting incident. He heard nine gunshots, friends face even in a gun (later, he miraculously escape from death in a great catastrophe) completely unharmed, but scared. “It’s not what happens to a crime, it’s Brent, the rich area of Western Losangeles ()!” Ross shudder to say, “the group will follow me out of the nightclub, waiting to attack. I just know later that night at a nightclub, several people were killed in the target. Anyway, this thing even if I did not dare to go out, but also let me change their style of action.” Since twenty-first Century, there have been too many players involved in gun problems. In the Ross attack a year ago, Paul – Pearce is also in the field of fun times of tragedy, was stabbed 12 knife, but also his life is good, if the other party is holding the gun, if the thorn to the point of his life can not touch the championship. In the summer of 2010, Lorentzen – Wright shot shocked the entire NBA. He was attacked in his hometown of Memphis, once the alarm before death, the operator heard shots after the lost contact with him. And the bullets penetrated Wright’s head and chest, and the coroner said he was taken away in a matter of seconds. Until now, the death of Wright is still a mystery, but it is certain that he had a relationship with the local gangsters, and his death, only 89 of the murders in Memphis together. In May last year, only 23 year old Pelican guard Brice de Ji’an – Jones because when looking for a former girlfriend in Dallas went to the wrong room, was shot dead. He signed a three year contract with the pelican, life has just begun. From to praise derogatory “Gang” of last century play well-known star in the NBA, there are a lot of people who are not good. They come from the streets of the slums, from childhood to see gangsters, guns, drugs and bodies, is not involved in it is a miracle. Like Wright, when they become rich, often there will be a group of people surrounded him in a small circle, into a “gang”. These people or his brothers, or his small, tightly protect his interests. Wright on their own gang called “the Wright”, Iverson, Garnett, Lebron, and so on, such as the superstar, such as a small group of people around the group, such as the Stuff. But now the times are different. Lebron’s gang was called “Gang” by Mr Jackson – and the result was a “political mistake” that was drawn to the issue of race, which was a “political mistake” by Mr. But this is a specious writing. Hundreds of millions of players face the unknown threat is too much, they need to have a trust of their own gang, and in the gang, they need security. Last year, the warriors general manager Bob Mayes, a large number of security protection of special enrollment, Stephen curry daily travel. Whether or not the first line stars travel, or go abroad to do business activities, always accompanied by a large number of bodyguards around. Kobe with his family to go to a Disney, followed by a team. In the case of not only determined (for example, to go to Europe or the island resort), they may be “ordinary people”. Once upon a time, athletes were able to spend the night partying without worrying about being exposed to social media.” Ross said, “but now they have no way to protect the privacy of each message, every picture, every private letter may be exposed.” And these things have been exposed in a legitimate gun society, the risk factor will naturally be magnified. President of the United States can not control the gun culture is deeply rooted in society, according to 2011 statistics, 34% of U.S. adults have guns, and 47% of households have guns. That is a “natural rights” for a reason, because it is written into the second amendment (“the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”), which is the “national spirit”, more than a century has not changed. But on the other hand, gun violence has become a major public issue in American society. The most obvious example: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William Abramoff – – Mickinley, John – Kennedy four Presidents were shot dead; Ronald Reagan shot, but a new lease of life. In the past year, there has been a lot of shooting and the massacre of america. When society and system is torn in the farcical election, when the “legacy of 9 / 11” more and more serious, when the race, gender conflict and hatred intensified, high security guns there has become like a barrel. According to FBI data, in 2014 a total of 8124 Americans were shot. Last year the Orlando massacre, an attack killing 49 people. Xiao Hua, President of NBA in New York along with the headquarters of the staff together to fight for the interests of the LGBT group, to commemorate the dead. In fact, the problem of gun violence in the United States does have its anomaly. The chart below is a comparison of the average number of shooting cases per day, assuming that the population of western developed countries is comparable to that of the United states. In 2012, Obama in the election season has raised the issue of gun control (as in “Batman: The Dark Knight rises” during the exhibition, Colorado, a gunman dressed as a “clown” and stormed the theater opened fire), support the liberal media (such as “New York Times”) also began calling for gun control, but the government is still difficult to have a substantial as. In 2013, Connecticut and Connie primary school shootings occurred, Obama instructed the vice president Biden led the establishment of the “special committee” gun control, you want to make a breakthrough in the legislation. But the gun control bill failed to pass the Senate vote, Obama angrily said: This is a shameful day in washington.” In January 5th last year, Obama said in a speech at the White House, he will issue an executive order requiring more gun dealers to hold a license, and the implementation of the background investigation of more gun buyers. When it comes to frequent shootings, he was crying. But his approach has drawn a lot of opposition, the most resounding from the Republican Party and firearms association. The dispute between the two parties, the federal and state government, game of interest group lobbying and public opinion repeatedly so that the plan going aground – revisit cycle. Cultural foundation in 1990, Gallup (Gallup) reported that nearly 80% of people believe that gun management law should be more stringent”. By 2010, however, only 44% of Americans wanted stricter gun control laws, compared with an average of about $54%. Why don’t Americans support gun control? The scientists give various reasons, such as democratic politicians fear, such as TV news is “as long as there is bleeding to report on the headlines” let more people feel the need to use guns to protect themselves. More fundamentally, the habit of political history in the United States: the view of individual rights is always better than the call for social responsibility. This trend across the dividing line between the left and right, people tend to gun control together with social freedom. The growing individualism, the debate over rights over other moral and political views. Mcconnell, the leader of the Senate majority leader, has criticised Mr Obama’s gun control as a way to weaken the rights of Americans rather than fight terrorism. This is the United States, “conservative” who touched the spirit of the constitution, all exaggeration”. Obama is also in the end of term to come up with a tough attitude, still have been sprayed pour dog’s blood on. In addition, each state of the United States is not the same as the legal provisions of armed. For example, in most of the Texas gun license last year, has been the permit legislation to allow people with guns in public. This is the local people respect the history and tradition, like Beyonce in “Daddy Lessons” in Dezhou “to describe their father holding a Bible in one hand and a rifle”, this is the Dezhou men’s classic image. In New York, the purchase of the gun process is very troublesome, gun buyers must go to the store to fill out a 17 page permission form, to pay a $340 application fee, there is another $89.75 fingerprint record fee. Gun sales agency shall provide the original birth certificate, Bianca and 2 recent color photos and other files. Applicants who have lived in the United States for less than 7 years are required to submit a letter of recommendation of 2 characters. Age requirements: 21 years of age, and after the purchase of firearms must be completed within 72 hours of registration. Currently, only four states a total ban on public gun are New York, Florida, Illinois and South carolina. Moreover, different types of firearms for local restrictions, registration has different requirements, the legal provisions of innumerable cumbersome procedures, it is no wonder that people often fall into illegal armed scandals, such as the recent arrests of Zhou Libo. In NBA, the players also fancy “die”, even Bill Russell in 2013 because of illegal gun was arrested at Seattle Airport, and the most famous, is undoubtedly the “general” in Gilbert Arenas. He should have no registered license gun into the Wizards arena, also put a gun to his teammates, not only in violation of the provisions of NBA, also violated the Washington State law. And the innocent victim of American cultural identity of people at most areas are relatively loose control. Citizens have the right to protect themselves, but the right has “collateral damage.””. Like poor Jones, he did not break into the criminal’s house at the time, when the master (it is Dezhou) sleeping at night someone to break the door, he also did not want to self-defence ADIDAS YEEZY 550 BOOST PRICE CHEAP ONLINE WWW SHOES Jones’s family, later did not initiate proceedings. In this tragedy, has been under It is often seen. during peaceful times. Edwards, an American psychologist, says that the physical threat faced by today’s professional athletes is unprecedented. “Because of the social network and the proliferation of firearms, the more famous athletes are more likely to attract attention. Compared to 60s, there are so many people now that almost every family is armed to the teeth.” He said. Jones’s tragedy is that he did not have enough awareness of prevention; and the shooting of Ross, he simply can not control, can only rely on the increase of security personnel as a means of prevention. The NBA as a “white left” alliance, has been standing anti gun position. In 2015, the alliance in the Christmas War of public service advertising is anti gun violence,