[NBA] thunder GM: is very pleased to complete the transaction for reinforcing Ibaka contribution

According to ESPN reporter Royce Yang reported, Oklahoma Oklahoma thunder team general manager Sam Presti is Ibaka Trading: the brief statement. In a statement, Presti for the team’s success and growth for yibaka contribution thanks. In the NBA draft was during the Oklahoma City Thunder has the team starting striker Sergio – yibaka transactions to the Orlando Magic, in exchange for the victor – ora Dibo, Eersen – ilyasova and they in this year, the first round of the 11th overall pick in the rookie multi man Tasman – sabonis KIDS AIR JORDAN IV SNEAKERS 219 FREE SHIPPING In this regard, Presti said: tonight there is such an opportunity to enhance the team’s multi-faceted, lineup depth and technology. Ola Po, ilyasova and sabonis showed good character, professional ethics and tenacity, they are players of our team is in urgent need. We continue to develop the team’s core team, we also seize the opportunity to get these three skills outstanding players. Here, I want to thank the team has made yibaka contribution. He is an important part of our team’s success and growth. He is an important part of this team, and we hope he will be all right after that.” Ibaka had been playing for the thunder team. In the 2008 draft, yibaka cis position by the thunder in the first round of twenty-fourth. After being drafted, yibaka continues to polish their technology in Europe, and officially joined the thunder team in the 2009-10 season. Prior to joining the thunder team’s second season, yibaka has become the team’s main force. In 2011-12 and 2012-13 for two consecutive seasons, yibaka showed his amazing ability to cap. The two season, Ibaka blocks per game times were more than 3 times, was elected as the shot blockers in the league. As the thunder inside the guardian, once Ibaka three consecutive season NBA defensive first team. In the 2013-14 season, Ibaka personal data reach career peak, averaging with 15.1 points and 8.8 rebounds and 2.7 assists. In the west the season playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs team series, Ibaka has announced the reimbursement of the season forced a comeback. Ibaka comeback greatly inspired the morale of the thunder team, helping the team regain a bureau, but also let his career left a hidden danger. Since then, the IBA’s competitive state has begun to decline. This season, yibaka averaged 12.6 points and 6.8 rebounds and 1.9 blocks. At present, the public opinion is generally believed that the thunder in this transaction is accounted for a cheap. Author: Hu Hu


[NBA]LBJ yelled at me? Green: I’m shouting at him and enjoy his trash talk.

There is no doubt that the fourth finals will be a crucial showdown, “Green VS James” will be the focus of the battle. Paul Green said on a James shouting at him, he shouted back, he and James to enjoy the trash talk. On a final, James changed to play four, the game on the big striker Green, the effect is good, not only to get the other side of foul trouble, but also feel cold. In the end, Green in the last 36 minutes, 8 cast 2, only to get 6 points, while James scored 11 points and 32 rebounds, both ends of the offensive and defensive performance. In the first quarter, after the success of the scoring, James rushed Green roar, vent his feelings. A reporter mentioned the news, said James his roar, laugh it off green, not a word, why did he not to retaliate. Green laughed, “no, that’s when I talked back. I laughed, I think it was funny, because at that time, they let us know that they are looking for something, and they found it. They played a very good game, but I hit back and said what I wanted to say.” This conforms to Green’s character. In fact, as early as the 2011-12 season, Green rookie time, just in the same heat of the game to defend James, the two sides war of words. To the finals last year, the escalation of war of words, this year is no exception. Green enjoy such a contest, both offensive and defensive alignment on the field, or trash talk exchange, “which makes the game more interesting. Me and LeBron field has some intersection, the now you talk to him, you will understand next summer will be with him. It was a great deal of fun, and I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m trying to win the championship. So, these (saliva war) is not the key WOMENS AIR JORDAN 12 GS RED WHITE GOLD FOR GIRLS CHEAP SALE SUPER DEALS ” Referred to in the fourth game, Green said both him and the team have to play more aggressive, “on the offensive end, I need more positive, more LeBron consumption of energy.” Author: Zhang Qiang

[NBA] how long is it hold? LBJ send head frame dunks fist roar

Cleveland 120-90 victory over the Golden State Warriors, 1-1 at large into 1-2, LeBron – James played 40 minutes and 26 14 32 points and 11 rebounds and six assists, 1 steals twice capping, although there have been five turnovers, but today LeBron is impeccable, single game scoring postseason record, constantly attacking the ball to attack the basket manufacturing killer, defensive end at the expense of fell to the ground several times scraping. The third section with head flat basket dunk. Finally, his final total score to 954, beyond Bryant (937), rose to league history, 10th. Competition opening Irwin knight took the lead with the first basket, LeBron then hit a layup, the past two knights losing streak, be hit the warriors of the best performance in the history of the beat of life can not self-care, leader LeBron’s responsibility. G2 was slaughtered at 33 points after the news conference, Lebron stressed many times: “we are going to play better.” Today Loew’s absence, Lebron had no choice except to stand up. In he and Irwin led, Knight played in the 9-0 start, LeBron knows his shooting touch, so as far as possible to choose the storm basket manufacturing killer, and unlike the past two, LeBron ball in the elbow region will immediately turned to face frame. This way will not easily let warriors weak side player to clip, also can more clearly find distal teammates, timely send Ginobli, also don’t know warrior is not ready or into a state of slow, they take such LeBron no way let LeBron start 4 shots. The score, Lebron has led the lead, two points difference is almost instantly opened to two digits. LeBron’s fight, there are several lens can be proved, the first festival half he in order to compete for a ball right knees scraping, section of the same footage has emerged. But day LeBron with lineup played when, the warriors have the para position advantage, they continue to play rush back to narrow the gap, LeBron is a failure again and again, the blacksmith NIKE KOBE 9 EM “AWAY” BLACK-YELLOW/ELEPHANT PRINT GREY FOR SALE SUPER DEALS 311751 Tyronn Lue soon made lineup adjustment, had replaced Thompson Frye. This can be seen when LeBron frame offensive benefits, he held the ball into the basket hard to kill, even playing in, but also to the Thompson pick front plate tipped the opportunity, in the first four shots after, LeBron then eight goals scored only one, knight was also warriors slightly smaller gap, Zaizhan easy side LeBron rally, defensive end first force, take off the Andrew Bogut inside storm. And to this section there are 8 minutes and 06 seconds, Lebron jumper, after 2 minutes, his outwire three points too. Find the feeling of shooting LeBron Yuezhanyueyong, he knew that hand, Golden State Defense will be more afraid of, today the most classic scene appears in this section there are 2 minutes and 44 seconds before the end, curry pass is LeBron steals fell to the ground, he twice attempted to rise almost failed, still take advantage of the warriors back on defense is not in place, and Irwin hit empty with, head almost flat basket, the ball severely smashed into it. Hit the ball, the knight will be re opened to 20 points, then assists Irwin layup, the outcome suspense and smaller, match into the suspension, LeBron fist roar, slump for two wars he, too need this vent their emotions, soon, LeBron finals career the 938 points, beyond Bryant (937) rose to League history, 10th. Distal to the two sides lineup to the rotation, LeBron still remain in the field, the game there are 6 minutes and 11 seconds LeBron also Bulan rebounding double, he used continuous personal attack resisted the warriors with the rotation of frenzied counterattack, which is two games before the media and fans hope him to do, and he did not do. Finally, in both points difference remained at 20 percent or more of the game into the garbage time, LeBron last 4 minutes, 38 seconds was changed to rest, finally Cleveland 120-90 victory over the Golden State Warriors, big score 1-2, the finals of the suspense, still continued. Author: John

[NBA]G3 see who thighs more crude? The first half LBJ14 cast iron VS 9 5 1 in Curitiba

Beijing time in June 9th, NBA finals ushered in the third war. The first half of the game, watching the ups and downs, but it seems that the best performance is not the two team’s absolute big brother. The first half of 14, Lebron shot only 5, scored 11 points, while curry is even worse, only 1 of 5 shots. This game has once again proved a truth: basketball is the 5 person’s game, the team’s play is the most critical factor SUPER DEALS PANDORA SPARKLING HEART RING 190929CZ Author: Dou Dou

[NBA] KB did not see who? Clarkson half 23 minutes into the 2 ball steals James

October 27th: Beijing time on October 27th, the Los Angeles Lakers in the home opener 2017 AIR JORDAN 1 “METALLIC NAVY” FOR SALE SUPER DEALS . Rocket squad, Jordan Clarkson decided the game, 12 to 8, 7 free throws in 7 scored a team high 25 points and 3 rebounds and 3 steals, students from the edge of the Lakers losing to get back. Clarkson in the summer to get 50 million years 4 of the contract, but Walton – Luke to him as a substitute, and he was pleased to accept. Today he also let Walton painstakingly arranged not in vain. In the first section of the game, Clarkson in 24 minutes and 5 seconds to play, the Lakers were on three points from the potential to recover, and he did not find a feel at the beginning, in 32 minutes and 2 seconds has also been made offensive foul. Clarkson has always been a strong personal attack ability is known, but the fight is not easy to be said alone, can be said to be a double-edged sword. Until the last 45 seconds, he scored the first goal, the Lakers scored 38 points in this section, and he got 2 points and 1 assists, but there are 2 mistakes. Second section he also did not play how long, a point is not too. Until the third quarter, 5 minutes and 56 seconds, he was back on the field, but he adjusted the state, feel more and more hot. In 4 minutes and 13 seconds, he received little Nancy pass break layup, then made Dekker foul, two free throws. Have to break up to find the rhythm, is the performing time. In the last 2 minutes, Clarkson suddenly broke out in 40 seconds with two goals scored 5 points, the Lakers finally tied the score. Get the last 14 seconds, he also completed a layup, keep the lead. He got 11 points in the 4 quarter, third minutes, and the efficiency was terrible. The two sides are still in the fourth quarter saw, Russell and Nick Yang misfiring gave the Lakers a head pressure by rocket fire, harden by powerful foul constantly opened the score. Although Clarkson still maintains efficiency, rely on free throws, also played a 2+1, but the Lakers never done in one vigorous effort ahead. In the last 2 minutes and 47 seconds, Russell’s free throw led the Lakers to a 1 point lead, and Clarkson stood out when everyone started to miss Kobe’s key performance. In 1 minutes and 47 seconds, without warning, he threw a record three points, three points when Nick Yang does not enter, he fought for offensive rebounds, successful shot hit. And even cut 5 points, and the Lakers have scored 4 points in the lead. Wait for 1 minutes and 05 seconds, he was forced out of the ball turnovers harden, Jean Randall fought to break back, can be said to be laid the victory. Lakers full court boiling, no one thought, after Kobe’s farewell war, to meet the Lakers is not declining, but the situation is so prosperous. Clarkson scored 23 points in the second half, against the harden fire, really impressive performance. Author: Kewell

[NBA] false warriors? Lost three points in 12 games only 26% star nearly 6 war 197 throw in 59

Reported on March 10th: Warriors 5 recent war of 3 defeats, which also exposed many problems. What the hell is going on, the problem is that they are the best – three points. The warriors have curry and Thompson of the two history of the most outstanding pitcher, their three points has always been the top of the league this season, however, was not the case. This season, their three point hit rate of only 38%, last season was a total of 41.6%. In the past 6 games, three ball warriors 197 throw in 59, sight only 29.9%, while the 12 game of the season they lost three points, hit rate of only 25.8%. “We shot away with travel problems worse, but I am not worried about this,” warriors coach Cole said, “we have an outstanding pitcher. After you’ve been through the game, you’ll have to pick up the ball and shoot it again.” But expert Anthony Silatebingbu agree with Cole’s words, he pointed out that this is not a recent period of time, but for the whole season of the problem. Last season, three points in addition to performance warriors curry and Thompson, Green and all other players is 798 to 299, the hit rate of 37.5%. This season to play now, these players outside the line is 688 cast in the 252, hit rate of 36.6%, can be said to be very stable. The problem is the big three. Two seasons ago, when Cole just warriors coach, Thompson in the three ball threw the occupation career high 43.9%, last season, his three hit rate was 42.5%, while only 40.3% of the season. The history of the NBA library, fourth, three. Three points this season, the first sight fell out of the 4, currently only 39.7%. Last season, when within 4 feet of no defense, Curitiba shoot three is 48.3% hit rate. This season, so he shot only 42 KID’S NIKE SHOX TORCH SHOES WHITE/GREY/ORANGE FREE SHIPPING 9% star. Look at Green last season, his three separate hands 258 ball 244 ball unguarded, this season, his 214 three point shooting in 207 times this is no defense, so he takes up a lot of warriors open three chance, but his efficiency is poor. Last season, his three points 38.8% star this season, only 32.4%. So, that’s the problem. In the 52 win of the warriors, they hit an outside line by a factor of 41%. 12 games lost, their three point hit rate of only 25.8%. To win the game, three points 42.8% lose sight of Curitiba, is only 27.6%. Thompson two hit rate were 44.1%, 25.9%. Author: Qiao Tete

[NBA] Weiss white white pants in the entrance of the library was busy onlookers to be signed

March 21st report: Warriors VS thunder fourth games this season is about to open, the two teams are always particularly concerned about the fight 2014 ADIDAS ORIGINALS ZX 630 LIGHT GREY BLUE WHITE NEW ARRIVAL Wesbrook is wearing a very simple, white T-shirt and white pants, only the shoes are more bright. His shoes are WHY NOT, his brand slogan. Curitiba in Oklahoma City also show their strong popularity, in the warm-up before the admission, many fans watching the autograph, many people are wearing Jersey warriors. The first three fight, the warriors made a total of three victories.