[NBA] Durant destroyed 73 wins killer Green fury warriors can call up KD?

As everyone knows, the death of five, is the warrior’s killer. When Durant replaced Barnes in the death of five in the position, almost everyone believes that this is a height of nearly 7 feet, shooting accurate MVP, five will be the league’s best collocation again a overstating the level, the result? Hundred round win by 47 points five deaths last year, this season to lose the dominant points per round shrink more than half, to 21.9 points. In fact, this efficiency is also very good, just from Yiqijuechen, fell to the union third, knight and the Raptors have killed five that than a lineup. It can be said that contains Durant’s new death five, has lost the absolute dominance of the first two seasons. You may say, death five spent two seasons, has long been the other team coach thoroughly, but the problem is not so simple. Can become a killer, huimaqiang tricks, random cast in the test stage not to be in the match, the long war, the case, the winner can only resorted to Nirvana, war. The death of five, is the warrior in that critical moment resorted to nirvana. To the critical moment, the warriors often put the squad is death five, the key moment playing time ranked sixth Pachulia only 2 minutes, just over fifth Durant (3.8 minutes) half. Can effect how? This season, in the fourth quarter of the death Something is better than nothing. five hundred round points only 1.1 points, obviously not in the decisive stage play a key role. In the Christmas wars after the warriors, the most used five paratelum or death squad five, 6 games a total of 21 minutes, the efficiency is 100 round net negative 26 points, became the Dutch act worthy of the name. [read] warriors – a recent defeat in January 7th by the Memphis people crazy reversal 24 points. With a 19 point lead into the fourth quarter, and have been thinking about punch out, the grizzly qiongda shot, in the last 3 minutes of normal time 37 seconds forced a warrior’s death five. Moment of life and death, the Grizzlies to only 2 points, Durant in one round to curry’s passing, standing, the ball stopped. Camera remote, Green kept waving to say what, but Durant choose to sell directly to turn a deaf ear to the ball hit the basket, pop. The Grizzlies took off the defensive rebound and called a timeout. Green shook his head back to the bench on the road stop, also deliberately took Durant aside, and he kept yelling, I’m afraid Durant occupation career 9 years ago have not experienced this, he seems to want to argue, Green has always been the momentum of repression. The lens, which was also recorded, caused widespread debate. After the defeat, Durant told reporters that Green was crazy was angry at Durant chose personal singles, but not with his teammates to roll with. After the game Green attacked Cole, attacked Curitiba, accusing them of not in the fourth quarter combed the team: “very happy today we lost some of the bad habits of paratelum have been appearing, now, we can go to talk about these issues.” The problem is that Durant at the critical moment unreasonable singles shot DISCOUNT ADIDAS NEO MEN ORANGE R7K5F As is known to all, the secret of strong warrior attack is two words: sharing. Anyone got the ball is not in the first time to consider their own singles, but the observation team is not a better out of mobile phone, constantly looking for more opportunities to grasp. After the first 40 games of the season, the Champions League assists were ranked first in the league, the history of the top 31.2 times in the first half of the year, the number of games in the first half of the game, the first second games. The history of the NBA a total of 6 teams averaged single season assists more than 30 times the number of forward in a recent 32 years ago: the “Showtime” period of the lakers. This season, the warriors of the ball attack has reached the most terrible realm of this century. [read] – can be called killer death five have dragged the warriors in sharing the ball on this leg. The main rotation this season the warriors squad (more than 50 minutes), the death rate of 68.4% at the bottom five assists, Christmas after a further decline to 50% still bottom. The problem is put out, who should back pot? Congratulations, you guessed it, the answer is the new Durant. As of now, Durant averaged 4.7 assists the team ranked third, but at the crucial moment, to death five showdown, he averaged only 0.1 assists, assists rate 4%. In comparison, Iguodala is the most critical moment to share the ball, 24.1% times the rate of assists, Curitiba is 21.1%, even in the team play only finisher Thompson have 14.8%. It can be said that the key moment of the ball into the hands of Durant, the basic means that can not come out. Moreover, Durant can get the ball to solve the problem, the key is that he can not solve the problem to get the ball. Lost to the Grizzlies after the US media is given a data: this season Durant critical moment 9 singles all follow, the most typical one is the previously mentioned ball beat Grizzlies key shots. To the warriors before Durant is the League single beater best, perhaps no one. He said that the thunder is not the Spurs team, our thunder tactic is less after the single dimension, my singles, you satisfied? After the warriors, Cole gave him enough respect. The season has a total of 270 singles champion 98 times ranked first round, Durant, the other two giant Curitiba (73) and Thompson (32) the number of singles will add up and almost KD. Can the warriors really need Durant’s singles at the critical moment? The characteristics of death five is very strong defensive mobility, coupled with everyone good passing and shooting ability, everyone can make each other starting point of attack is impossible to guard against. Now, Durant, let the habit for many years he touched the ball on the critical moment to pull from the vote, then death five offensive options so the myriads of changes, ruined by Durant himself. Only a short while ago, Durant is also a critical moment “, said Du god. Take a look at the picture, the performance of the former critical performance, from the playoffs last year, disappeared. If you look at the warriors and thunder that series, you must remember the Durant critical moment, push two teams played 4 times the critical moment, Durant’s shot hit a 1 ball 9 times, hit rate is a poor 11.1%, 4 games together with 2 points. This is also a lot of people interpret the key reason for Durant’s summer white flag. Now, Cole what to do with him? The day after losing to the Grizzlies, Durant confessed: “the experience is a good thing for us, we have learned a lot from them. We should stick to roll with the beginning of the play we adhere to success.” Rectifies the hell. It’s a long way from the playoffs. Planning: Ouyang wrote: John Author: John