[NBA] James Loew said nothing about the role of the game: Lu is the commander of his decision to believe

Because knight in not Loew’s victory over the warriors 30 points. Therefore, Loew should become very curious about the media and experts in the finals game 4 of the first. James Lebron took evasive attitude towards the problem. “I know who is the commander of the team, the coach tyronn lue.” He said, “he will make the right decision for the team, so I have no idea. I think it’s more important for Loew to stay healthy and we all want him to play today.” In the morning after the knight shooting training, Lu also did not accept the interview. Yesterday, he did not say whether Loew will start: I have not considered this issue, I hope Kevin can restore health, this is the most important thing.” Loew has participated in all the shooting training today, he suffered concussion has been over the past 5 days. Before the start of the game, he will once again accept the inspection, then decide whether to return to participate in the game. In the third game, the veteran Richard Jefferson served as the starting small forward, LeBron played as a striker, received a good effect. But he doesn’t know what his next role is. “No one told me, we didn’t talk about it.” He said. Warriors are still ahead of 2-1, the knight is an urgent need to win again at home. Lebron also said, absolutely can not let down, relax vigilance. Even if it is in the lead, the warriors are also very difficult to deal with the opponent.” He said, “when you lead them in a big score, it’s not really safe UNDER ARMOUR CURRY 2 KID SHOE BLACK GREEN SNEAKER TOP DEALS “.” “It’s like the Green Bay Packers game, even if you have a good few touchdowns scored, but can not relax, because opponents do not know when will play a great match quickly catching up. Warriors will be like this, they will never be away, so you have to try to play 48 minutes to finish the game.” Author: Kewell