[NBA] “warrior Orc” to talk about fate: first KD make a decision I don’t play money

The free market is about to begin, Isawa Li Tucci warriors Griffith natural feeling increasingly uneasy. He will become a restricted free agent, the warriors can match any team to his offer, but do not know ready to pursue Durant – Kevin’s team has not renewed his salary space. Recently, Isawa Ritsu at the local YMCA will (YMCA) held a charity basketball training camp, and children training together let his emotions high a lot, but in an interview about the free market and unknown variables, he still felt uneasy. If you want to set aside more than 26 million salary cap space to sign Adu, it means that the warrior can with several important free players say goodbye, they can’t make big contract to Barnes, Isawa Li. Even the Boggart may be traded. Isawa Ritada said: “I try not to think about these problems, it is really very difficult…… Anyway, this is a shopping mall, I have to maintain a professional attitude.” Last season Yizeli at braves field averaged 7 points, 5.6 rebounds and 1.1 blocks of data, his salary is very low, also let his price is very outstanding. But in the summer, the salary cap rose sharply, there may be a team for izeli opened more than 10 million annual salary. But izeli does not seem to care about money number. “I didn’t play for the money.” He said, money is very useful, so I have the ability to take care of my family, but I play for their own fun ONLINE GIRLS AIR JORDAN 11 LOW WHITE PINK SNAKESKIN A3HTFNJ I love the game, if one day I stopped loving, I won’t go any further.” “I can always find something else to do, and what I’m good at. In the bay area, the warriors play life makes me more love for the game, I really don’t know what I can so input.” He said rather. The chemical reaction of the two season, the warriors getting better, get along very harmonious team. But in NBA, there is no feast. Even the two coaches are being created, now may also turn to the core lineup. Isawa Riyo wait until after Durant made a decision, just know his future direction. “I don’t know where I will go in the future, but as long as I play NBA, I won’t complain. I am now very excited that they are still the warriors of the hospital, I will continue to work hard to achieve the best of their own.” Author: Kewell