[NBA] Adu: Weiss and I represent the team.

In a long time before, Durant and Weiss after the game to participate in the playoffs with the tradition of the press conference is fixed down. From their still Qingse new, now has become a superstar, change their status, dress also changed, but always appear together in front of the media. Their relationship is still no change, they are thunder founder in Oklahoma, is the right to speak star. Whether they win or lose, they both stand together. Durant also said: “if the world wants to know the thunder, then ask us and Nick – Collison, the three players who played the most. This also indicates that management has always believed that we can lead the team in the right direction.” If excessive interpretation, so today the G4 in theory have may is Freddy Adu in Oklahoma City as the thunder players played in the last game. The Spurs and warriors like the super strong teams are eager to get him, he has a lot of choices in the summer. But now, Adu still expressed loyalty to the thunder. “I think we are the leader and pioneer of this team. We need to make a sound, we represent the team. Even if sometimes we do too badly, but I believe that most of the time, we are able to do a good job of the team’s spokesperson.” Weiss also said: “this is very good, we are united, the team is also united.” In their press conference on mutual maintenance, Freddy Adu has in the first round of rage and Wes dazuizhang Villanueva is “idiot”. Thunder President Price Siti is very proud of them. “Kevin and Russell have always been so, they know that the team will not get outside help, the history will be repeated. They will tell each other what they think and protect the team.” Adu also said that he does not regret this personal attack, he said: “I did not expect to say that kind of words, that is, the outbreak of the. Then I went home and thought, I should say it in another way. Not to say that the attitude is better, in a news conference, you will always say that some of the things you want to be able to correct after the case, so that you can better convey the idea.” “When we both became the team leader, we were still young and we are now a man. In addition to the growth of basketball, from the media to deal with, in the face of a difficult defeat, in the face of the season to return to the depressed. So, I really learned a lot with Weiss, but also to understand how to express their emotions.” He said. Author: Kewell