[NBA] the last song! “Timmy” resounded through the hall spurs home court warmth whirlwind tears

Zhang Qiang December 19th Sanantonio reported that he was not playing on the pitch, but this evening, all the themes are his. For Tim – Duncan Jersey night, AT&T center echoed the nickname of “the name of Duncan Timmy! Timmy!” , most fans have left the warmth of the tears, bid farewell to their team in the history of the greatest star. The Spurs beat home court pelicans, game time specially in advance to six in the afternoon, instead of usual Spurs at half past seven in the evening, because the game is to retire Duncan’s Jersey at the end of the game, set aside enough time. Sanantonio today the temperature dropped yesterday was about 20 degrees below zero today, once the cold weather or not, can not stop the fans wearing the number 21 shirt to the AT&T center watching, the arena is almost full. Although Duncan has retired, sitting in the stands watching, but he is the biggest protagonist tonight, perhaps the only protagonist. On the big screen TV in the batch has been placed in a variety of memory and tribute highlights, stands the seat before are ready for the Duncan Memorial T-shirt and Duncan a letter to the fans, but mention anything Duncan, can arouse the cheering fans. Although the Spurs are faced with such a lowly pelican, early big lead, but fans of the mood is very excited, because we all know that after the retirement ceremony is the real drama. On the eve of the final, Duncan and the players all the cheering fans are standing out. Waiting time, the fans are still standing, shouting Duncan name nickname “Timmy! Timmy! Timmy!” Excitedly looking forward to the beginning of the ceremony. As a warm-up and the release of the tribute film, have seen all the fans intoxicated, cheers on. Such emotions burst out after the ceremony began. Duncan and other guests after admission, the AT&T center became very excited and the warmth of the aura, as if to enter the atmosphere of religious pilgrimage. Standing, cheering, screaming, “Timmy! Timmy!” That hung in the hall, people like staying in the temple in the mountains and seas are whistling. The ceremony Mr Duncan and his 21 Jersey was unveiled at the dome in the climax, the fans go calling Duncan’s name, the vast majority of people are tears NIKE AIR JORDAN 11 KIDS WHITE BLACK PURPLE For more than an hour of the retirement ceremony shirt, like a warm cold warm in this large, the hearts of many people. This night, Tim – Duncan doomed lifelong memorable Spurs fans destined to forget, Sanantonio doomed. Author: Zhang Qiang