[NBA] wisdom? Lebron: don’t fight for three points.

June 1, reported Associated Press news, NBA Finals will be started, the knight, but also meets the warrior, for brothers spray shooting ability, bishop Knight practicing Lu very vigilant. “We must be alert.” Lu said, “curry and Thompson has been in the shot, you have to remain vigilant, you always can not relax, because they always present on mobile NEW MEN’S PUMA MICHAEL SCHUMACHER WHITE BLACK CHEAP TO BUY This is a good offense system. We must keep sharp, adhere to the principles of our game.” In this year’s playoffs, curry field averaged 26.7 points, 5.9 rebounds and 6.1 assists, one-third of the ball is 48 of 118 shots, hit rate 40.7%. Even more impressive is that curry in the game in the final five minutes of difference does not exceed 5 points of the game, three shot is 12 9, called key man. And compare the playoffs this year of the other players, in this case the most voted into the third ball is not more than 3 ball. Moreover, the library also because of injuries and missed six games did not play. “He’s a very difficult player to put in place, it’s difficult to defend.” Lu said, “he will put some difficult goals.” “You can’t go to three points with these guys, one still.” Lebron said, they have the world’s most outstanding pitcher, you can not compare with them, no way to match their three points. You want to play your own game, stick to your ball.” “We have to be mentally tough, that’s for sure.” Lu said, “they can be 30 seconds in 9 seconds.” Moreover, the warriors in the Western Conference finals experienced a big reversal of 4-3 to 1-3, the potential strength to further stimulate. “You have to be able to control the game, don’t get yourself into a position to be able to motivate them to play.” Lebron said, “one mistake can open a wave of counter attack.” “We want to continue to maintain the Irwin attack, continue on the offensive end to be aggressive.” Lu said. “When you’re behind 1-3, but you’re as successful as they are, and it’s a great thunder team, and I think it gives them more confidence.” Lu also said that the finals is a different series. We are not the same as the thunder. We also have the same problems that can be put on the pitch. Basically, this is a completely different series, but they hit it out from a wave of 1-3 to 4-3, and now they feel better about themselves.” Author: Qiao Tete