The wife responded [NBA] library twitter P map “attack wave”: you insult all people

In this year’s NBA Finals, was optimistic about the same warriors in a 3-1 lead in the tragic reversal, curry’s wife Ndiaye Sally curry in warrior G6 after losing in the personal social media released a message: “I lost the respect of the alliance, this is absolutely to money or ratings in the manipulation of the game… I won’t shut up!” Although Sha Ndiaye afterwards removed this information, but the information has been forwarded tens of thousands of netizens and media will also her information has been shot saved. And after losing the finals. A lot of Twitter users start tampering up the picture of the library a, intended to curry’s wife attack. In these photos. Most of the Ayesha avatar replaced Jordan “expression of cry, and there are more exaggerated, such as a, curry family of three whole family was a netizen to curry face direct P into the Cavaliers Kerry – Irwin, the net friend issued in this picture did not forget @ a Ayesha, and with the text:” never forget. ” In the finals of the G7 Irwin in the face of curry’s defensive dry Stubbs hit the third ball a mind decides the competition trend. This picture is clearly remind Sha Ndiaye this scene AUTHENTIC NEW BALANCE 996 WOMEN PINK GREEN CBCCZ At the end of the finals, Shakespeare Ndiaye remained silent during a period of time, but this time she responded. “The images that are being tampered with are not only insulting me, but also the other family, husband, father, and wife.” Ayesha wrote in a tweet. “I don’t care if someone’s going to send this picture. At the same time, you are insulting both of us at the same time.” This is Ayesha’s second tweets. Perhaps in order to show and not subject to harassment of those photos, Sha Ndiaye is almost at the same time and sent a tweet, she wrote: “bay area a beautiful day, especially when the baby is sweet on time and go to sleep.” Author: Zhao Buchuan