[NBA] Green Army Coach: pitch position has become increasingly fuzzy all-around team is king

CSNNE news, for the Celtics, this summer’s operation is very important, they are not able to reach a big deal in the draft, the election of the players can not let the fans satisfied. From the demand, the green army basically what are needed, but the coach Stevens pointed out that there is one thing is the most important, this is the almighty PD075584AT PANDORA HOLLOW HEARTS CHARM STERLING SILVER CHRISTMAS DEALS “All powerful, this is the increasing demand.” Stevens said. In Stevens’s opinion, NBA is now the trend is more and more, no position, which requires the player to have the Almighty technology. Such as this year’s finals, the knight to win a key is 6 feet 9 inches inside Tristan Thompson of warriors two – time MVP award winner curry defense. This versatile skill will be more and more important in the future alliance. Army green in the draft with Tanhua choice to sign Jay brown, and did not choose the organization expert Chris Dunn, God pitcher Buddy – Hilde, or Jamal Murray, is to a large extent for this consideration. Brown stands 6 feet 7, weighs 223 pounds, and has a 7 – foot – arm show, with the top athletic ability and agility to break through the basket. “There are very few players who can do this on the mobile, like Brown.” Stevens said, so the versatility of the defense is one of the important factors. This should be immediately transformed into the combat power.” In the free player, green army to pursue Durant, and Al Horford, Ryan – Anderson and Harrison Barnes, whichever free agent, the Celtics will full of their team to create division of omnipotence. “I just look at the 4 position of the game: players, players can control the size, flanking all players, big striker.” Stevens said, “the more versatile, the more blurred the position, the more excellent.” Author: Qiao Tete