[NBA] Durant was awarded the courageous Hero Medal

Although in recent years, Durant occasionally heard some negative news, but as long as the crisis at the moment, he is still the willing to help others, the nature of good children. According to gossip website TMZ, Durant recently on the way see the ambulance is blocked, then courageous, open his own Ferrari for flashing lights for ambulance open. Durant’s courageous behavior, has also been recognized. It is understood that he will be the Oklahoma City first aid medical services awarded the “daily hero” medal. This medal is very valuable, usually four times a year will be issued. Event review: Durant open car for the ambulance to open the story, after local media reports, has now spread throughout the entire Oklahoma City. The incident is the weekend, the traffic congestion and Oklahoma City, an ambulance also stuck in the road. Legitimate car emergency personnel helpless, a luxury car came in and flashing warning lights indicate an evacuation traffic to their rescue. Ambulance personnel Peter Radford recalled: “at that time, we have been blocked, all around the car, all of a sudden I saw a car silver Ferrari arrives behind us, still blinking lights, he is in for our manufacturing space open PUMA FERRARI DRIFT CAT 2015 MENS BLACK WHITE SHOES ONLINE As we walked out of the road, the car came up to us and waved to us, and then my colleague asked, “do you know who it is?” Of course I don’t know, he said, “that’s Durant Kevin.”!” Radford said in an interview, I can not think of such a big star like him is willing to spend time to help us, it is too rare, he is our city’s big hero. However, when I was talking about the matter, Durant said modestly that I was just seeing the ambulance, and then felt like I could walk a little faster behind it, so don’t boast about me anymore. Of course, Durant was just a joke, or he wouldn’t turn on the lights for an ambulance. Although it is only a very small move, but the ambulance then out of the traffic congestion, in a timely manner to the destination, the rescue of a woman suffering from cancer. Therefore Oklahoma City emergency medical service also specially to Durant recognition: “Durant’s behavior is we always hope that members of the public in the event of an emergency to the ambulance. He dealt with the matter well, helped the people in need, and is a good example.” Durant will be awarded the “daily hero” medal. This medal is very valuable, usually four times a year will be issued. It is understood that Oklahoma City Emergency Medical Service Bureau hope this week will medal awarded to Kevin Durant, but due to Durant was busy playoff, so they may will award ceremony of the time delay to June. Author: Hu Hu