[NBA] fire a wilt a? KD risk was extermination tonight

Beijing time on May 11th, thunder on the road 95-91 victory over the Spurs, take under the Kings Mountain battle, made a 3-2 lead. Kevin Durant in the face of Leonard and Green’s defensive kumite, 21 8 23 points and 6 rebounds, 5 assists and five turnovers. At the end of the game he was Green steals, almost let the Spurs to see a reversal of hope. ADU in a cut 41 points and led the team to a strong win, and record their postseason the highest single game scoring record. And today, thunder began to show the area aggressive, Freddy Adu in the air in the first round pick although did not succeed, but still grab the preceding performance backboard, tipped to hit. To tackle the Spurs thunder attack, hit back at Weiss chopped 5 points after the thunder made the 9-2 lead. Adu in the rest of the break for a while, in 29 minutes and 3 seconds to re play. But thunder after two attack are in a turnover ended, until the last minute Adu suddenly on the offensive end find the feeling, first broke through the Dior scored super difficult to cast. After 15 seconds and scored stem pulling three points, let the thunder to regain the initiative. Adu scored 7 points in the first quarter of 7 to 3. After the start of the second quarter, Freddy Adu then Witters pass again cast score, he single anti Leonard, but does not limit the opponent, let him a 6-0, once again approaching the score. And Freddy Adu to find easy shot opportunities is not easy, even in 7 minutes and 51 seconds fastbreak layup also hard foul Leonard pulled down. In 7 minutes and 35 seconds, his transformation of the attack was Duncan capping. 4 minutes 21 seconds Adu to play, he after 3 minutes and 06 seconds breakthrough is anti too dead, only the hard pass the ball to the outside, and in vacancy yibaka also hit three points. But A De and Leonard and even cut 7 points, while less than in the interior attack without fruit, spurs and the score. Adu 5 shot 14 in the first half to get 12 points and 6 rebounds, but compared to Leonard, his play is not enough to keep the thunder to keep the lead. Adu made a foul in the second half against a breakthrough, but he was 8 minutes and 55 seconds to the inside of the pass and was cut by A De hit back, when Green blocked Adams, cast into the back three points, the thunder has been 12 points behind. ADU outside facing the green continuous was thrown into two record three points, Oklahoma City up to 4 minutes without campaign goal, until five minutes and 59 seconds Adu finally with Wes to pick and roll, cut the ball for a dunk. After Weiss end, Adu continuation of his scoring, in 02 minutes and 1 seconds into the cast, and then to the ambush in the left outside of the Foye cast into three points, the difference narrowed to 3 points. Distal start, Weiss and Adu were cast into three key points, the thunder again tied the score. But since then, thunder attack a series of blocked, Freddy Adu is difficult to find a shot, holding and oppressed too severe. In 4 minutes and 06 seconds of the ball was Leonard steals and play on the counter attack. Thunder finally still deadlocked over the Spurs with Adu in 54.7 seconds to catch that investment is the Green’s foul, then two free throws in the thunder lead only 2 points. But in 29 ONLINE PANDORA CHRISTMAS CHARM SANTA HAT 9 seconds he was again steals green, but fortunately Parker shot into and Wes and scored key 2 + 1, thunder to secure victory. Author: Kewell