[NBA] melon: I want to stay with Nicks! There’s no need to prove that there is no conflict with management

January 17th: Nicks recently reported downturn within the team has not solved the problem, but today they also lost to the eagles, Anthony at the last minute not hit lore, after he was asked again in Nicks’s future. Anthony said that there is nothing more to say about him and management CHEAP NIKE FREE 3.0 V5 GREY PURE FOR SALE “I just want to focus on the game now, won some victories,” Anthony said, “if they want to talk to me, so every day I and his teammates, (this is not what difficult), I don’t want this thing to be between me and the management of back and forth thing, because it really not what. I just read an article, respond according to this article, now between me and the management of what things really have.” Recently, the news about Anthony more, such as the “New York Daily News” reporter Frank – AI Sora disclosure, Anthony had 76 people in Nicks was lost in the locker room after the reverse time team also complained of abuse, the last time no ball, but even so, AI sola said Anthony will not require transactions themselves. In addition, Charlie Rosen reports, Rosen said that Anthony Nicks is difficult to be cleaned away, because he wanted to go to Cleveland or clippers, was traded to the other team he won’t go. Since Rosen is a friend of many years, Phil – Jackson, so the report also sparked controversy. In answer to “how much you want to stay in Nicks”, Anthony said: “I think I have to prove this problem, I don’t need to talk about it. I think that over the past year, no matter what happens around the team, every day I have to prove that the answer to this question. I have been in the display of the answer, I am still here, to show the occupation attitude training every day, these people to answer your questions, I still maintain a positive and optimistic. So I don’t think it’s necessary to prove this to anyone.” Finally comes today lore Anthony said: “Miss, that ball is my sleep can be scored the ball.” Author: Qiao Tete